tracks of the week #44

I had a different and very special tracks of the week planned for this week but after the sudden releases of some new music from two of my favourite acts I decided to save that for next week and talk about those releases plus a few other tracks. It’s been a surprisingly good week for me musically with these unexpected releases and it gives me a little bit more excitement about what the rest of this year should or could hold music-wise. My levels of excitement and expectation for 2014 have just risen to very high levels.

SBTRKT – Transitions EP

So basically there is just a link to the website for this one as they are not official single releases but instead some work that the brilliant producer SBTRKT made while in the process of making his 2nd album. After releasing instrumental stuff before his debut, the producer has gone back to that in the period between albums. It seems album 2 should be here this year [I hope so anyway] but in the mean time we have these brilliant tracks to listen to. I’m a huge fan of SBTRKT’s music and I’ve been listening to these pretty much non stop since they dropped online earlier this week. I think my favourite track would have to be the moody, atmospheric ‘Kyoto’ with oscillating electronics and strong beats it really is such a wonderfully and commanding track even with the lack of vocals. There is 6 instrumental tracks in total and you can buy them on vinyl or digitally via the website.

Friendly Fires & The Asphodells – Before Your Eyes/Velo

Ok, so this may just be a 45 second teaser but there was no way I was not including this. Long time readers of this blog will know that I absolutely love Friendly Fires, they are my favourite band and the long wait from Pala while they have been recording album 3 has been quite painful for me. Though this is not a new single from the band on their own or an album announcement, for now it will do. Like I said it’s only 45 seconds but this team up with The Asphodells [Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay] sounds like it will be very brilliant. There is a hazy, psychadelic atmosphere to the track with the free and flowing sounds and Ed Macfarlane’s almost dreamlike and listless vocal. The collaboration resulted in two tracks ‘Before Your Eyes’ and ‘Velo’ and will be released on 12″ vinyl and download as the first release on Friendly Fires own Telophase label.
EDIT You can now listen to the whole, really very brilliant, track over on Noisey’s website where it is premiering!

We Are Scientists – Return The Favour

By far my favourite track from the band’s fourth album ‘TV En Francais’ and quite probably it could well be my favourite song ever from the band. It’s a track full of atmosphere with it’s dank, dark sounds sounds that come from the guitar as well as the almost whispered vocals. The final chorus sees the whole song crash into life with big and grand moments from the percussion, cymbals and keys. I’ll be putting my full review of We Are Scientist’s new album up on here next week so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Tame Impala – Why Won’t They Talk To Me?

Tame Impala have been one of my favourite bands for a good couple of years ago now but I’m still yet to see them live and I imagine they would be brilliant after watching some of their festival sets online. With the recent announcement of some dates for the summer I’m hugely tempted to get a ticket [if there is still any left] to finally get to see them. While I try and find a ticket though I thought it was about time to revisit their albums as they always remind of summer and festival season with their trippy, psychadelic vibes, this song in particular sums up that premise perfectly.


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