EP Review: Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars

Lux Lisbon
Get Some Scars

‘Get Some Scars’ EP may have been released last year but I thought it was only right for me to review it and give a bit more of an in depth look into the sound of the band which I have already featured on here. At four tracks long, it’s a real insight into the band’s very impressive sound and a great listen.

The EP starts with title track ‘Get Some Scars’, a very subdued track with a great rhythm. The synths are deep, almost bassy, the drums are soft and the vocals are layered and full of harmonies. It’s easy to get hooked on the pulled back and focussed sound of wonderful melodies created by slow riffs and pace setting drums.

A beautifully husky and dominant female vocal opens ‘The Devil Got Me Dancing’ with its strong drum beat and crashing cymbals, piano chords and Foals-esque guitar line. This one has a tense atmosphere throughout that is constantly building up to a chorus of strong bass and a dirty guitar riff.

While ‘Bullingdon Club’ is a synth pop track with a huge sound that is slightly reminiscent of more recent Killers efforts. There are big vocals that completely grab your attention from the very first word, pop-punk guitar hooks, spangly sounds set against pounding drums and the classic guitar riff of the chorus. It has such a feel good atmosphere; it’s catchy and could well become a festival/road trip anthem.

Echoey vocals and a fast, constant drum beat open ‘Demons You Show’ with its slower tempo and obvious bass line. The graduating chords of the guitar in the choruses sit the strong rhythm section while the middle eight sees deep, almost threatening gang vocals backing up the softer, prominent female vocal.

Finishing up with the danceable sound of ‘Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size of Your Fist’ with hoards of electronics and beats layered upon each other backing up vocals that are almost shouting at you. There is a lot going on here and there is a slight Europop element to it in its catchiness but it’s definitely not cheesy like Europop. There is substance to the lyrics and some great sounds not just electronically but from fuzzy guitars and big drums too.

Here are 5 really good tracks that fully span the world of pop from straight up, catchy hooks to softer outings with indie nods throughout. An act like this with tracks as good and as well executed as this are easily going to catch people’s attention for all the right reasons.

To find out more about the band visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or follow them on Twitter – @luxlisbonmusic


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