tracks of the week #46

Back to normal with the tracks of the week post this week and as usual it is 4 very different tracks. Pop tracks, indie tunes and punk anthems all feature on this week’s post, enjoy!

Katy Perry – Dark Horse

I love Katy Perry and the singles from her new album so far have been very good, this one is no different either. At first I wasn’t overly keen on it with the dubstep beat and a slightly more hip hop affliction but after hearing it loads on the radio I know that it really is a good song, it’s just more of a grower than the others. 3 singles released and I like them all, I think I maybe need to go and purchase Prism now finally.

Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light Em Up]

I went to see Fall Out Boy twice a couple of weeks ago on their recent UK tour and the band were understandably absolutely amazing! You can read my review here. I really did have the best time and experienced the sort of gig excitement I’ve not had since I was around 16. It was my first time seeing them and they did not disappoint, after 8 years of being a fan to finally see them was a brilliant moment made even better by how amazing it was. This song in particular was a big highlight of the 19 song set and it’s catchy rhythm I’ve been singing it ever since.

Haim – If I Could Change Your Mind

A cool girl band with good music and a cool dance routine that is [thankfully] not embarrassing to want to recreate. I’ve not tried to learn a dance routine since I as 10 but honestly this video makes me want to change that. I didn’t think I could love Haim anymore than I already do but then they release videos like this and my love for them grows even more. Still waiting for the moment when I become a Haim sister.

Double Drop – What You Do [feat. MC Solomon]

After being contacted by these guys on Twitter and checking out their track, I thought it was only right that I featured on my tracks of the week with this single of their’s which is a very good listen. Featuring a mid-track rap, plenty of robotic electronic sounds, a sultry tone and a strong beat throughout creating an R’n’B track with dance, pop and soul elements thrown in too and because of that it’s a different, interesting and very good listen.


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