Food Review: Fancie, Sheffield

I’ve been meaning to hit up Fancie’s restuarant on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield for the longest time and had never gotten around to it, I blame living on the opposite side of the city for this. The successful and famous Sheffield brand started out years ago as a bakery specialising in cupcakes when they were at the height of their popularity. There were little outlets around the city, which are now unfortunately all shut but the restaurant remains open. With an extensive menu catering for many dietery requirements and plenty of good reviews as well as the abundance of beautiful food photos popping up on my Twitter and Facebook timelines on a daily basis, I knew it was the place to book for Mother’s Day.

I like to think I treat my mum pretty well all the time but Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthdays I go all out because if you can’t blow all your money on the one person who gave birth to you and raised you then who can you spend all your money on. After buying presents, the next thing was obviously a meal and a nice treat. I saw Fancie’s menu for Mother’s Day online and decided to book. FYI the staff are absolutely lovely and very helpful so getting the meal booked was simple with my initial email inquiries answered very quickly, that is definitely my kind of customer service.

There was a brunch menu for Mother’s Day as well but I decided to go for the lunch menu at £16 for 2 courses and £22 for 3 courses I thought that was pretty reasonable for a nice treat and the food on the menu sounded delicious and there was easily something for everyone on there. I booked us in for 12pm and when we got there we were shown straight to our table [which included the bonus of a lovely bunch of wildflowers for mum] and with the attentive and friendly staff we were served quickly and pleasantly.

With a glass of rose for mum and a raspberry lemonade for me, we looked over the menu to decide what we wanted. For starter, I went for the corn chowder and mum had the seafood cocktail. When both arrived they looked absolutely amazing and I just wanted to dig into my chowder straight away. The soup was hot and full of flavour sometimes I find thinner soups to be lacking flavour but that was certainly not the case here. The seafood cocktail was one of the best I have ever seen too with huge prawns, a massive piece of fresh salmon, lots of fresh salad and a homemade dressing, mum gave it her seal of approval that is for sure.

When it came to the mains there was only one vegetarian option, which is fine as a lot of places don’t even have that, but I was a little unsure of how the Pumpkin and Mushroom Pie would taste. I’ve never really eaten pumpkin before and I never thought it would be something I would like but this pie more than proved me wrong. The tasty and fresh ingredients worked so well together that I’m now no longer scared of the word pumpkin popping up on a menu. I may not have the courage to cook it for myself but at least I know it’s an ingredient that when used well tastes very nice. The pie came with perfectly roasted potatoes and had roasted vegetables and gravy for me and mum to share. Green beans, broccoli and cauliflower I already love but cooked carrots I always avoid however I did try these and the fact they were roasted and coated in a lovely herby butter meant they were actually the first cooked carrot I’ve eaten in well over 15 years that I’ve enjoyed. The gravy was full of flavour and with veggies cooked to perfection this was a different take on a Sunday roast that I fully enjoyed. Mum had the pork and she literally did not stop talking about how amazing and perfectly cooked it was all day, so well done Fancie.

Firstly sorry for the half eaten food picture but I was way to eager to dig in and forgot to take a picture until I’d nearly finished [bad food blogger]. So onto the dessert and because it’s Mother’s Day why not go for all 3 courses, mum had the berry pavlova with quite frankly the biggest meringue I have ever seen and I had the chocolate brownie. The brownie was perfectly cooked, warm and slightly gooey in the middle with a lovely chocolate sauce. My only issue was the cream that came with it but that’s mainly a personal thing because I absolutely detest cream and would have preferred an option of ice cream. However if I’m honest I don’t think the brownie needed the cream or an ice cream substitute as the brownie and the chocolate sauce were lovely and filling enough on their own.

We both left full and happy from our absolutely lovely and delicious Mother’s Day meal and I’m so glad I’ve finally made it over to Fancie’s restaurant to try their menu. The food is fresh and well cooked, the atmosphere is lovely, the restaurant is set out well and the staff were brilliant so all in all I can not fault Fancie and I know I will be back soon.

While I was there I couldn’t help but pick up a cupcake as that is what Fancie are most famous for and in my opinion their cupcakes are the best I’ve tried in Sheffield. I went for the Lemon and Raspberry as my obsession with lemon and cake together continues and it did not disappoint. Light sponge, just the right amount of sweetness to the buttercream, lemon curd filling and a raspberry on top, what more could you ask for. And with that I hope I’ve all made you hungry enough to pop down to Fancie right now and pick up a cupcake or have a meal there, I know that’s how I feel right now.


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