What I Bought…. Paris Edition

Clockwise from Top Left: Bioderma Crealine H2O Micellar Solution, Le Chat Noir Tote Bag, Effaclar Duo +, Mint Green Polka Dot Skirt, Grenadine Syrup, Sephora Eyeshadow in Pop Idol, Place De La Bastille Fridge Magnet

Before I even begin to sum up Paris and everything that happened while I was there I thought I would take you through a few of the things that I bought minus the biscuits and chocolate that I also bought because let’s face it you don’t need to know how much my eyes are always bigger than my belly. I did include the Grenadine Syrup though because it was a good purchase in my eyes, who doesn’t love a cocktail with grenadine syrup in it and I’m not sure if it’s just me but I find it ridiculously hard to find this in England but I’ve more than stocked up with this purchase, only around 3 euros too.

Obviously I picked up a couple of touristy bits, I’ve been to Paris before so I already had a keyring and some other Paris bits and bobs but I couldn’t leave without the Bastille fridge magnet as my inner Bastille fangirl would hate me. The cat bag is something I basically scoured Paris for, after seeing so many totes [most quite substandard in design if I’m honest] I’d not seen any with Le Chat Noir on it even though I knew it would make a great tote. Finally I spotted this one in one of the tourist shops opposite the Louvre and snapped it up immediately. It was 9 euros which is a tad expensive but a) I’d been looking for one for ages, b) it has a zip fastening which is mega handy for a tote and c) I love it too much to even care how much it was.

The mint skirt I bought on my birthday which was also our main day for shopping as well as hitting Lauduree for macarons. On Boulevard Saint Germain des Pres there is a vintage store called Kilo Shop with the main premise being you pay per kilo rather than per item. I spotted a couple of nice things but the moment I saw this skirt everything else went back as this was the main focus of my attention. This was in the more expensive part of the store [just my luck] where you pay by item as it’s more quality vintage and I spotted some amazing denim jackets and studded shorts in there too. This was 25 euros which is a lot but probably around the same as prices at vintage stores in London. I love the spring pastel colours, the polka dots, the flowy fabric and fullness of the skirt and I’m looking forward to styling it up for upcoming outfit posts.

On the same day I made the trek to City Pharma and OMG did I have to fight the women of Paris to find what I was looking for. I made a list of a few items I wanted that I’d read about on countless beauty blogs. I left with just these two though, I know you can get Effaclar Duo in Boots and Bioderma online but it is cheaper in City Pharma so I thought that would be the perfect place to buy it and try it as I hate spending loads on skincare that may not work for my sensitive skin. I’m hoping for good results but I’ll be back with full reviews after I’ve given them a good few weeks of testing.

The final item is this beautiful eyeshadow from Sephora. That place was like my secret beauty loving dream and the amount of stuff I could have walked away with was insane but in the end I settled on this one item. I saw it on my birthday and loved the colour instantly but after having a seriously funny turn in the shop I just had to get out of there leaving empty handed. Luckily the next day I found another Sephora and I picked it up straight away. Again I’ll be back with a full review when I’ve had chance to test it out properly but I can imagine it will become a new favourite in my pretty basic eyeshadow collection.

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