EP Review: Glory Glory – So Long

Glory Glory
So Long
Release Date: 21st April

3 tracks from a band made up of 3 men, if Glory Glory have released this their latest EP ‘So Long’ as a taster of what else is to come from them then we should all be excited for their next releases because throughout the course of this EP we encounter some of the best tracks I’ve heard so far this year.

Kicking off with ‘Take My Time’ which sees a funk-fuelled bass line reminiscent of the 70’s disco era that navigates us through the entire track. With its upbeat atmosphere, fast paced guitar lines, melody a plenty and more drawn out shoegazey vocals, it’s the perfect mix to create a song that will see you dancing along while retaining that cool indie atmosphere that a lot of bands lose the moment they start attempting to add disco rhythms to their music.

Whereas a slow, sultry bass line is the main focus of next one ‘Indigo Son’, the steady guitar line and vocals flow along listlessly through the verses with a strong drum sound backing everything up. About halfway through the track everything turns a bit more psychedelic and Tame Impala-esque. The trippy sounds mean you almost completely lose yourself in the track, this one is a much more chilled out affair than the last but it’s just as wonderful a listen.

Final track ‘Everybody Lies’ features echoey vocals and guitar chords mashed with a fast paced drum and soaring backing vocals creating a track full of sound. The psychedelic influences are back again along with a 90’s indie rock element coming from those drums. A huge, fast guitar riff and crashing drums prelude the calmer ending of fluctuating sounds and repeated lyrics of ‘everybody lies but open up your eyes’ which play us out.

These 3 tracks really are a very strong outing from this band and show some real promise for future releases. Every song and every moment is so well crafted and with earworm melodies and toe-tapping rhythms when the EP ends it leaves you wanting more and constantly hitting the repeat button.

To find out more about the band check out my new music post on the band here.


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