new music: such sights

Sheffield’s latest addition to the alternative music scene is bound to cause a huge stir with their mix of punk, metal and great guitar riffs. As a city Sheffield has long had a rich history of alternative bands and Such Sights are surely set to become another one of the memorable ones.

When I was younger I spent a lot of time hanging around the metal scene of Sheffield but as I reached my late teens things that stopped as I grew out of the scene and the scene became a little outdated and need I say boring. However, a few years on and now seems like the perfect time for me to venture back there especially when there are bands as good as this to greet me.

‘In Her Name’ is their first single and from first listen I was more than impressed with what I was hearing. Kicking straight in with metal riffs and fast, pounding drums I expected to hear screaming vocals reminiscent of early days BMTH but I was presently surprised to be met with a great tone and wonderful sense of calm to the singing voice. It stood out from the off and the melody created by those vocals really set the band apart for me from a lot of other acts of recent years. There is screaming throughout the song but it’s not the main feature as it’s mixed with those melodic vocals that take the song from straight up alt-metal and give it that extra edge. Musically the guitar lines are good going from heavy to soft acoustic from fast playing to quieter strumming, the drums create build up’s, a good rhythm and heavier moments and there is a great bass line keeping the whole track together perfectly.

It’s a great first offering from the band and one that I am sure will see them go far and gain plenty of respect from fans and press alike. With influences from the likes of Taking Back Sunday and The Bled, their blend of alternative, punk and metal really is something that is constructed well and a great basis for the band to build upon.

This first track is taken from the band’s EP ‘Where Hell Begins’ which is the first of a string of releases the band have planned this year as well as plenty of live shows across the UK. The EP itself features hardcore metal of fast riffs, heavy drums and blood curdling screams on ‘Hell and High Water’ and mixes this with pop punk influences found on ‘Comfort of Deceit’ with a great danceable rhythm, catchy guitar hooks and a slight American pop punk atmosphere. As a first EP it’s a good effort showcasing their influences and different talents, it may flit from style to style which doesn’t necessarily create one cohesive body of work to listen to but taken individually the songs are a very good listen.

The band will be playing the Sheffield leg of Hands Like Houses tour in April as a support act, the show is at Corporation on 26th and I think there may still be some tickets left so be sure to catch their set if you can.

To find out more about the band visit their Facebook page, listen on their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @suchsightsband

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