tracks of the week #48

So after a two week break I am back with some new music for all you guys in here in this week’s tracks. While I was away I amounted a lot of emails and messages from bands and when I got back I sat through every single track and what I heard from a lot of them was very very good and got me all excited about music blogging again. Some will feature in new music posts and album/EP reviews at a later date but for now the first two tracks are a band I love releasing their new amazingly brilliant track and a new Sheffield band and their great song. The other two are again new music but one is very well known and the other is featured on here a lot anyway. I hope you enjoy these tracks and I look forward to bringing you guys plenty of new music over the coming weeks and months.

Tangerine – Nothing Better

I’ve written about my love of Tangerine on here before, their last EP ‘Radical Blossom’ was my favourite of last year. Now they are back with new single ‘Nothing Better’ and they have gone and produced the goods again. This slightly tropical sounding track will be perfect for summer complete with funk inspired rhythms and an absolutely brilliant bass line. I’m a huge fan of this track and I’ve had it on repeat ever since it landed in my inbox. Now I just want Tangerine to get over to the UK so I can see them live.

Polkadodge – Laughing in Spanish

This Sheffield four piece are yet another one of the most exciting new acts to be emerging from my city. Giving me even more hope of great things to come from Sheffield and even more bands and artists to write about on a local level, something I’m fully supportive of. This is their latest single and is an upbeat indie pop song full of catchy hooks, a fast paced rhythm bound to get your hips swaying and an infectious chorus. The band have said the song is written about Sheffield nightlife and with a nightlife so eclectic and thriving it’s easy to see why with that as their inspiration they have produced a song this good. This will definitely not be the last you will hear of Polkadodge online or on my blog, check them out now.

Thumpers – Unkinder [A Tougher Love]

Ok so I may have featured this track on here and my blog before but it’s catchy melodies and uptempo rhythm matched with it’s begging to be sung along to lyrics means that it is the perfect track for the transition into summer as well as the festival season. When I caught them at Leeds festival last year this song was a highlight of the set for me and when I see them next month I’m sure it will be a standout then as well. The video is brightly coloured, full of graphics and features slightly fuzzy profiles of the band members, all making it a bit trippy on the eyes but it compliments those happy sounds and danceable hooks perfectly.

Paolo Nutini – Scream [Funk My Life Up]

Paolo Nutini has come back to the music industry and has only bloody produced the goods of brilliance again. The man who’s voice and songs I’ve loved since his very first album dropped years ago and who I still listen to on a very regular basis his returned with this wonderful track. His sound may have evolved again slightly but it still remains catchy with a hint of funky atmosphere thrown in all back up his brilliant vocals that I will literally never tire of hearing. I’m glad to have Paolo back on the music scene and hopefully this means more live dates soon too as the other UK dates billed for the next few months are already sold out. 😦


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