new music: the north

The North are a four piece band coming from Sheffield with rock and roll sounds and well crafted songs, they are yet another band from the Steel City that are producing some quality music.

After getting together back in 2011, the four guys set out making catchy and really very good indie rock tracks with a nostalgic edge. The band describe their sound on their Facebook page as ‘fast stomping gritty psychedelic rock and roll’ which is a fair representation of the band’s sound from the tracks they have so far released.

With songs full of guitar melodies, reverb, a great rhythm section and a voice that has that old school rock and roll edge that today you would find on the likes of Jake Bugg, Miles Kane and Reverend and the Makers’ Jon McClure. ‘No Man’s Land’ in particular starts off with very fast paced drums, a strong quick bass line before echoey guitars weave their way through the rhythm section and the layered vocals when they come in. It’s a really interesting track with the layers of repeated vocals which is something I’ve never really heard done like this before along with the mini guitar riffs and yo-yoing sounds that build up to the chorus.

Whereas ‘Spiders’ [featured below] starts off with a dirty guitar riff that is worthy of Arctic Monkeys latest album before pounding drum beats come in. The vocals are echoed and sound like they are coming from afar, the whole feel of the song is slower and much more rock and roll focused. There is a brilliantly electric swirling riff before the final chorus that is completely juxtaposed to the steady, consistent beat of the rest of the track.

Having already played a huge number of shows and becoming a bit of a regular on the scene not just here in Sheffield but playing in Manchester, Doncaster, Leeds and Leicester as well. Playing shows, sharing music online for free and using social media to get in touch with old fans and potential new ones has all seen the band succeed and gain popularity thus far. Something that is surely only set to continue over the next 12 months. With an album in the works and plenty of plans for tour dates and festival appearances it really seems like this will be one hell of a year for the Sheffield quartet.

To find out more about The North visit their Facebook page, their Reverbnation page or follow them on Twitter – @The NorthBandUK

Check out the brilliant ‘Spiders’ below:


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