new music: turrentine jones

I’ve mentioned quite a lot lately the talent that is constantly coming out of Manchester at the moment and it does not seem to be stopping any time soon as this week’s featured new music act is also from that northern city. Turrentine Jones have been together since 2010 and since then the 3 piece spent time writing songs and perfecting their sound before signing a deal with Rough Trade Records in 2012. A deal that saw them release 3 singles over the course of the last year gaining them plenty of coverage on BBC’s Introducing.

The above track featured on their very first two single release entitled ‘Le Debut’ which featured ‘Slam The Door’ [above] and ‘Candy Snake’. ‘Slam The Door’ was the first track of the band’s to catch the attention of BBC Introducing with it featuring on their YouTube channel and it was also the first ever use of Google Glass at Glastonbury Festival. The track itself is strong in sound with a prominent drum beat and a commanding vocal. The guitar ebbs and flows building up to fast strumming in the second half of the song and the keys provide a fuzzy, old school organ sound. With a mix of blues and rock and roll combined with the authoritative vocal, it’s a sound you would be hard pressed to ignore.

With animalistic lyrical themes and vocal style reminiscent of singers such as Julian Casablancas and Bob Dylan, they are a band that is bound to catch attention with their sound, style and what they are constantly producing. That attention really came to a head when they performed at Glastonbury when their set became one of the most shared, the 3rd most shared in fact, on the BBC’s website above Rolling Stones and many more, only beaten by Mumford and Sons and Arctic Monkeys.

During a recent interview on BBC Introducing organist Thomas Scotson confirmed that the band are currently working on their debut album which is set to be released this Spring. Drummer Rich Watts had this to say about the album; “It’s our first album so it’s going to be an honest reflection of us as a three-piece band. There’s no surprises. It’s pure-cut rock and roll and a hint of our influences like Booker T, The Shadows, even a little of The Troggs and James. It really is a fresh sound.” [source]

With the album due for release in the next couple of months expect to hear a lot more from them. The band have been on tour throughout April and continue to be this May, touring the country from Sheffield at South Sea to Roadhouse in Birmingham and The Bell in Bath. You can check out their full tour dates here.

To find out more about Turrentine Jones visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @TurrentineJones


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