tracks of the week #51

Lots of new discoveries from me this week either in the form of new band/artist discoveries or new tracks from acts I already love. If I say so myself this is a brilliant selection of tracks featuring some of my favourite music I’ve heard this year specifically the last two tracks.

Lone – 2 Is 8

The choppy intro to this track offers something a little different from a lot of other house tracks I’ve heard recently especially the mainstream chart stuff which I’m not technically classing as proper house anymore as it’s way too ‘let’s get the bass drops in’ based. Anyway, this track sticks to a similar beat throughout which could become monotonous but cut up, added to classic house sounds, a strong beat and building almost euphoric soundscapes creates a track that has such a good rhythm and sound to it, you’ll have it on repeat.

Magic Man – Texas

I first discovered this track randomly on Soundcloud, their similar or recommended tracks feature that is usually at the side when you go to listen to a specific single on there is usually very good and this was one of my discoveries. I’d never heard of Magic Man but I know now they are a 5 piece band from Boston who have recently released their ‘You Are Here’ EP. After a muted start, this track explodes to life with synths, a wonderful danceable rhythm and indie guitar hooks reminiscent of Passion Pit’s latest album. Melodic vocals navigate us through the verses to brilliant pop fuelled choruses, expect to find yourself singing, dancing or clapping along or maybe all three. To find out more about the band visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter – @magicman

Tensnake – Love Sublime [feat. Nile Rogers and Fiora]

So after finally having time to catch up on reading the past two issues of Clash, I read their review of Tensnake’s recent debut album and was instantly intrigued. I love Tensnake, show me someone who doesn’t love ‘Coma Cat’ though it’s just brilliant but with this release Tensnake seems to have honed his sound. Taking house beats, the inspiration of Chicago, dance rhythms, poppy moments and disco sounds. Those disco sounds are best found on the above track ‘Love Sublime’ and follow up track ‘Pressure’. The disco on this though obviously has a lot to do with Nile Rogers I guess as it sounds very Chic in parts but it’s brought bang up to date for today’s underground house scene aficionados whilst also have that club hit potential. Fiora’s wonderful, soulful vocals sit well against the smooth rhythms and funk afflictions. Listen to this and then hit repeat, you won’t regret it.

Frankie Rose – The Depths

With a Joy Division edge to the sound, the deep, echoing bass line and vocals sit firmly and proudly against the soft, pounding drum beats and swirling sounds that ebb and flow from barely audible to the highest point of the track musically. The calm melancholy of the music coupled with the nostalgic atmosphere makes for one hell of a track. Like Joy Division’s music, it has the ability to truly make me lose myself within this track and for that reason it’s by far one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year.


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