tracks of the week #52

This week plenty of new music again either through brand new releases [see the last two tracks] or new discoveries [the first two]. Whether you’ve heard of the bands or the tracks before or not, I hope you find something you like in this week’s picks.


With quickly strummed murky guitar, a deep threatening bass and a pounded drum is the perfect heavy, riff laden bass for the nonchalent sometimes singing, sometimes shouting vocals. The song may be quite consistent and similar tempo led throughout but it’s those aggressive and scuzzy sounds that have made this band from Chicester and their music very much loved. These are sounds I love and a band I’m really starting to like and it’s safe to say that these guys are one band I would absolutely love to see live.

Swallow and the Wolf – Everytime She Comes

Oscillating piano chords open this one on a tranquil note before soft, melodic vocals come in telling the story of a girl and her influence over the character singing the track. As the female vocal comes in joining and bleanding beautifully with the male voice all the while still backed up by that simple piano line. It’s a short, sparse track yet the richness of sound and the clarity of the vocals makes this such a stunning listen. Swallow and the Wolf will always be one of my favourite discoveries I’ve made since starting this blog and with their new EP ‘Fire’ just released I’m excited to see what 2014 has in store for them, you can buy their new EP now from Bandcamp.

Waiting For Hollywood – This Town

With sounds reminiscent of bands like All Time Low and You Me At Six, Waiting for Hollywood are making a name for themselves and proving the strength of the UK alternative scene by giving our pop punk genre a new leash of life. The quick tempo, catchy hooks, melodic vocals and a rhythm made to be danced along to these guys are sure to become a hit. If you are looking for a band that are creating some decent pop punk from our shores, then make sure you check out Waiting For Hollywood by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter – @w4hband

Thumpers – Marvel

I know, I know. Thumpers again! Yes I feature them a hell of a lot on my blog but they are amazing so it’s not something that is going to end soon. I have more than good reasons though this week, a) they’ve just released their debut album which is brilliant [you can check out my review on Monday] and b) I’m going to see them tomorrow night [a review will follow ASAP]. From first listen of the new album I was hooked on it, I’d been anticipating it for a long time and thought that may have affected how much I liked it maybe building it up too much but I was wrong and it exceeding my expectations entirely. The album is wonderful and well worth a listen from everyone, this is one of the tracks from it – the album opener that brings us straight into the thick of it with pounding drums and a strong piano line that is set against dreamlike vocals and grand trumpets. A perfect opener to a wonderful album.


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