tracks of the week #53

This week 4 tracks that sum up a lot about music in my life at the moment. One I’ve just seen live recently, one who’s album has recently been released and that I love, one announced for Glastonbury that I love but has caused a lot of controversy and one who I always revisit when it comes to summery weather as the album is just perfect summer/festival soundtracking. Enjoy!

Foxes – Night Owls Early Birds

I went to see Foxes last week at the Leadmill in Sheffield and though I love her music I was unsure of what to expect performance wise and in terms of the audience. The audience was in the main a good mix of ages all out to enjoy themselves to some good music which created a brilliant atmosphere and the performance was brilliant from start to finish with the stunning Foxes sashaying around the stage and belting her heart out with every single note. For that reason I’ve given her debut album, ‘Glorious’, a lot of my time over the past couple of weeks and rightly so as it is very good. This track in particular is one of my favourites with it’s fast beat and upbeat vibe, it will be yet another addition to my summer soundtrack.

We Were Evergreen – Tambourine Like A Crown

With the debut album ‘Towards’ from this trio having dropped not long ago I thought it was more than overdue that I featured one of the songs off of it on here. This one is probably my favourite from the release, it’s upbeat, almost happy tempo is made up of layers of sounds that include drums with a tribal edge, intricate guitar melodies and echoey tropical synths. Another perfect song for summer.

Metallica – Enter Sandman

For me, Metallica have always been a band I have loved. I got into bands like this, the classic rock, metal and punk bands quite early on from my parents record collection and so I’ve always been drawn to acts like this. I’ve seen Metallica before once and it was a brilliant experience and probably one of only two shows I’ve ever been to where the queue for the ladies toilet was smaller than the queue for the men’s [it’s the small things that I take away with me from shows clearly]. A lot of people have complained about Metallica headlining Glastonbury and personally I don’t see why they shouldn’t, really it’s about time they did. They are the biggest metal band in the world and they should headline the biggest festival in the world, they’ve headlined basically every other festival so why not one more. I personally wish I was going to Glastonbury now for Metallica, it would be amazing but alas I’ll be watching on TV instead.

Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over

When it comes to this time of year I always venture back to 3 albums that remind me of summer and the festival season, Lungs by Florence and The Machine is one of those albums. The whole album was something I feel in love with a long time ago and I could easily have included any of the tracks in this post. ‘Dog Days Are Over’ seems pretty relevant lyrically to some things that I have been going through personally though and that is why I thought I would choose this specific track. Not only does it signify me moving on in my own life but it signifies the start of summer for me and reminds me of when I saw Florence at Leeds Festival way back in 2009, it was a special moment and one I will never forget.


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