new music: Seacats

This week, our new music act comes from a town called Kelso in Washington. After getting in touch with the link to one of their tracks I instantly loved the subtle tones, flowing melodies and hazy nostalgic feel that was found on ‘Anxiety [Dumb Things]’ that I knew I had to write about these guys and introduce you all to them. The band are called Seacats and I’m pretty convinced that these guys could be your new favourite band.

As I said before ‘Anxiety [Dumb Things]’ has a soft, throwback vibe to it, you can sit back and relax to it or sway along to those wonderful melodies that roll gently throughout the entire track. There is a subtle quality to the whole song which adds to the tranquil edge. The guitars are soft and acoustic, the drums padded softly and the vocal harmonies that open the track carry on to become an echoey vocal, drawn out and almost lethargic in execution.

The band themselves are mainly a two piece pop/rock act formed out of the remains of a comedy-webshow that brothers Mike and Josh Davis made back in 2009. Becoming Seacats and making music, the pair first caught people’s attention at EMP Soundoff! Competition back in 2010 and since then they have slogged it out playing underground venues before releasing 2 EP’s followed by a debut full length album in 2011, titled ‘Metal Music’ despite being far from that genre.

The band have since signed a record deal with Fin Records and have continued releasing singles and music as well as playing plenty of live shows in the US. All of which have been described as funny and brilliant, gaining the pair plenty of fans. Even though Seacats is predominantly a pair of brothers making music together they collaborate with lots of other musicians on a regular basis in order to create their sound fully on record or live.

The next release from the band will be entitled ‘The Box’ and will feature the above single. It is a statement from the band about the digital music scene at the moment, this will be a physical release – a wooden box, spray painted and nailed shut by hand. It’s a physical and DIY release in the fullest sense of that notion. The box will remain shut until you get it home or it arrives at your house and you pry it open to find out what is inside, a new album and new, exclusive content are the main components. ‘The Box’ will be limited edition with only a small number being made for sale at their album release shows in America or you can order then up until the end of June via their Bandcamp site. Unfortunately, those outside America can not order unless you are willing to pay shipping costs but if you go to the site and find the band’s email they will try and work something out with you I’m sure. After doing things their own way for such a long time, this is just another example of how they are truly their own band.

To find out more about the band and their music visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or follow them on Twitter – @seacatsband

Check out the video for the wonderful, dirty bass driven track ‘Wrecked’ below:

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