Live Review: Thumpers & Cut Ribbons at Leadmill, Sheffield. 24th May 2014.

A gig I’ve been looking forward to for absolutely ages was finally here and after releasing a wonderful debut album just a matter of days before it seemed like the stage was set for a very special Thumpers gig on this Saturday night in the Steel City.

The second band on that night was the absolutely wonderful Cut Ribbons from Wales. Their stunning tracks took rock sounds from the strong drums and riffing guitar and blended them with atmospheric indie synths and intricate melodies that were really great to listen to. The boy/girl vocal mashed extremely well together and you could tell these guys really loved what they were doing. These are a band I instantly loved and I will definitely be keeping an eye on them in the future.

From the very first moments of Thumpers arrival onstage it made you want to dance. Their upbeat indie mixed with poppy melodies mixed with a dance edge is so infectious that you can’t help but sway your hips or tap your feet along to the music. Guitar hooks, vocal harmonies and pounding percussion on tracks such as ‘Tame’, album title track ‘Galore’ and ‘Come On Strong’ with its infectious repetitive chorus, created a sound so strong and full that gripped you and had you in its clutches throughout their set. Thumpers are a wonderful band on record, proving that with such an excellent debut but live they take that huge sound and bring it to you perfectly with added energy and enthusiasm. They are a joy to watch and listen to live and are by far one of the best and freshest bands I’ve seen in a long time. Singles ‘Sound of Screams’ and ‘Unkinder [A Tougher Love]’ finished the set and brought to close, with a final bolt of excitement and danceable rhythms, a live show that fully showcased their musicality and talents. After tonight, my love for Thumpers seems like it is not going to be dying anytime soon and with catchy songs and energetic live performances there really is no wonder why I love them so much. Go and see Thumpers live if you can, it is a decision that you will not regret.


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