Doc/Fest: Jon Snow in Conversation

After writing about Doc/Fest for my Sheffield Showcase series I made it a point to go to at least one of the events this year. So today, I attended the ‘In Conversation with Jon Snow’ and honestly it was the most worthwhile and inspiring hour of my life.

As you may know I studied Journalism at university and though I mainly write about music and fashion here, I’m hugely interested in politics, women’s rights and worldwide issues and one day I would love to work somewhere within this field. Snow is a very respectable journalist and newscaster, known now for presenting Channel 4 news but his career has been littered with wonderful examples of journalism from reports on wars and the horrors that present themselves in countries all around the world to interviewing politicians and world leaders. Throughout his talk, he went through his career, his passion for trying to inform people and change the world describing himself as a ‘hack who’s trying to change the world’ and his thoughts on journalism over the years.

From this, he has become a huge inspiration to me throughout his work that I didn’t even really know about but the points he raised are things I either believe in or have resonated with me to the point where I feel truly inspired. He talked about getting out there because you can’t be a journalist unless you are out and being active in the world which is something I’ve always believed in. He also believes we are now in the golden age of journalism with the advent of social media, we can share information, get instant reactions and talk to people all over the world which informs pieces you may see on TV. There has never been a better time to be a journalist in my opinion and I really am so glad I attended this talk because I think it’s renewed a passion for hardline journalism that I’d lost after a bad time at university.

From now on, I’m going to become more informed, write about things that are happening in the world/my city and I’m going to get out there and become much more involved in what is happening. I’ve always thought that it was important to be educated about politics and I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I feel so passionately about the subject and it is one of the reasons I wanted to become a journalist in the first place much like Snow because I wanted to change the world, I’ll never change it hugely but I can try. I’m so thankful to Doc/Fest for putting this talk on and for Jon Snow for argeeing to come to Sheffield to spend an hour of his time talking to the room full of film makers, journalists and the wannabe journos like me. Like I said I’ve found my passion for journalism that I had lost again and I feel more inspired than ever to go out there and start my journalism journey.


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