tracks of the week #55

So much new music on this week’s post as it has been a very good few weeks for me catching up on some releases I may have missed so far this year while I’m working on a mid-2014 music round up. The first two tracks are from albums I’ve been meaning to listen to and hadn’t got round to until now but the albums seriously are amazing, give them a listen now! The second two I found on a scroll through my Soundcloud dashboard recently and feature two of my favourite voices of all time. There really is some wonderful tracks here and I hope you like this week’s picks.

The Horrors – I See You

It may have taken me a ridiculously long time but I’ve finally checked out the new Horrors album and predictably it is brilliant. Their hazy, melancholy sound just works so well and I’m such a huge fan of their music since they released ‘Skying’ a couple of years ago. This album really does take off from where the previous release left off but pushes things further incorporating bigger sounds, a range of influences and a confidence which screams volumes through their tracks. This particular song is one of my favourites from ‘Luminous’, with drawn out vocals, sparkly synth sounds, a steady rhythm and a brilliantly calming ambience, it really is a stand out piece. I’m going to see the guys later this year at The Leadmill which I’m mega excited about but until then I’ll be having the new album on repeat.

Paolo Nutini – Diana

This track is taken from Paolo’s new album ‘Caustic Love’ and as soon as I heard it I knew this was a contender for my favourite on the album. With it’s sexy rhythms, jazz influences and smooth sounds, it really is a wonderful listen. Nutini’s vocals showcase his impressive range from sultry verses to high pitched choruses. The trumpet line that comes in halfway through the track reminds me of 50’s films, if any of you have ever watched The Hour or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy you will get that reference easily. This really is a must listen to track off the album.

Kwabs – Into You

This is simply a breathtaking track, it’s so huge in the richness of the sounds used in it that it really does make you sit up and listen to this one in all its glory. Ever since I first heard Kwabs I fell in love with his wonderful vocals which I have put on the same pedestal as Sampha in terms of greatness and tone, and here again they are just so strong and full of emotion becoming the main focus of this. The tribal-esque drum, haunting backing vocals and simple piano line along with soaring electronics and atmospheric moments create the rich sound without detracting from those vocals. One word – stunning.

SBTRKT – Temporary View [feat. Sampha]

SBTRKT’s debut was and still is one of my favourite albums ever and when he released his ‘Transitions’ EP online earlier this year, it set excitement levels high for a new album. On this latest track, it sees the producer working with Sampha again and as I mentioned above he really does have one of my favourite voices of all time. The steady beat, oscillating synths and deep piano chords create a simple yet full of rhythm background to Sampha’s mellow tone which has a great depth to it. Another great track from this pair.


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