tracks of the week #56

A complete mixed bag this week we go from dance meets pop remix to hardcore to a song from an album that defined the emo scene to an absolute old school classic. I hope you enjoy this week’s completely random selection.

Pharrell ft. Jay Z – Frontin’ [Disclosure Rework]

The amount of love I have for Pharrell’s music right now is insane, I’m not sick of ‘Happy’ yet and I will continue to sing along and dance like a loon whenever it is played. However, this track I’d not heard [it’s quite an old track now I think] but this Disclosure rework popped up on my Soundcloud recently and it’s very very good. Disclosure just keep delivering the goods musicwise don’t they. I have not heard one track or remix by them that I’ve not loved and thought it could be the next chart/dancefloor hit. Right now I convinced that they could remix ‘I Am The One And Only’ by Chesney Hawkes [one of my least favourite tracks ever FYI] and make that sound brilliant too.

Gallows – Chains

I haven’t really listened to Gallows in a long time, since Frank left really and that’s not because I don’t like their new singer I’ve just drifted away from that scene a bit. However, I’m still on their mailing list and got their new track sent to my inbox and it’s very very good. Quite haunting and beautiful and tragic all at once with a calm build up featuring plucked strings and choir-like voices before crashing in with pounding drums, chugging riffs, screaming vocals and lyrics with a spiteful edge. This is definitely the type of heavy music I’m gravitating towards these days with the mix of sounds and bigger feel to it like the recent stuff from Bring Me The Horizon too. A very good rock track!

Taking Back Sunday – Spin

This is one of my absolute favourite tracks by them, I love the fast pace, the crashing drums, the quick intricate guitar solos and Lazarra’s screaming vocals. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but dance/sing[scream]/lose your shit too, I absolutely adore this song and this album really is still one of my favourite releases of all time. If you’ve never listened to the album ‘Louder Now’ by Taking Back Sunday then I urge you to listen to it now, it’s wonderful!

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

I honestly don’t think Bowie needs any introduction and this is such a wonderful song that I’m just going to say one thing: press play on this track NOW!!


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