tracks of the week #57

This week, I’ve been listening to artists at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, some sad and almost wistful and others uptempo, happy and make you want to dance. Therefore this week’s tracks start quite low tempo and build into full on summer party atmosphere, hopefully this will suit your Friday perfectly as well.

LVLS – Young and Cruel

LVLS were a Twitter find for me and after checking out their sound I fell in love with the nostalgic vibe that runs throughout all their tracks. This one features prominent drums, crashing cymbals, a strong guitar line and breathy, almost lethargic vocals that remind me a lot of Jarvis Cocker’s vocal style. It’s a really good track as is the rest of their stuff which you can check out on their Soundcloud page or their Bandcamp page.

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

Joy Division are a band that really do mean so much to me personally and this track is one of my absolute favourites. Ian Curtis’ vocals have always struck my so much with how much emotion they portray, it’s such a powerful feeling and I can’t really explain it but every time I listen to a Joy Division song it hits me harder than most others, The Cure and Nirvana are the only two other bands that have that effect on me. Joy Division are a band I will always love and always go back to specifically this song, it just resonates with me a hell of a lot.

Foals – Two Steps Twice

As we all know, Foals are one of my favourite bands in the world and this track is one of my favourites of theirs. They usually always close their sets with this tracks and it’s just a spectacular close to their sets and a wonderful drawn out version of the track that they play. The original is just as good though with it’s brilliant rhythm and sing along lyrics, it’s a track that after however many years go by I will still always love and will still always be a highlight of any Foals set.

Friendly Fires – Kiss Of Life

Ok ok, I know I’ve featured Friendly Fires on these tracks of the week posts a hell of a lot over the weeks/months but it’s summer now which means my Friendly Fires listening increases tenfold [it was already pretty high to start with]. I’m going for this track as it’s one of my favourites and it’s bloody amazing live like seriously amazing! Get on your dancing shoes and be ready to throw some serious shapes.


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