new music: Through Colour

The power of social media has brought another brilliant band to my attention that I’m now sharing with you. So let me introduce you to Through Colour, an indie/rock/pop four piece making some seriously good music.

Starting out 10 years ago, this band have been working hard and moved over 400 miles in order to create a sound they are happy with. Coming from Holyhead in Wales, the foursome moved to Manchester after becoming bored of the lack of opportunities locally in their hometown. It was a big risk but one that seems to have paid off as they can now fully focus on their music, reassessing their creative direction as a band.

The above track ‘Daydream’ is from their new EP ‘Somnium’ which was released in the latter half of 2013. With catchy guitar hooks, fast paced drums and a quick vocal delivery, it has the perfect combination of ingredients from the onset to become a track destined to be stuck in your head for a long time. When the chorus kicks in with its pounding drums and rhythm that makes you want to dance set alongside mid-track breakdowns and quick riffs then that is re-enforced further. The lyrics do tell the story that the band talked about, journeys and daydreams and wishes are all spoken about here really giving you a sense of what the band have been through in the past year.

Having played plenty of shows through their career from headline slots to supporting sets for the likes of Enter Shikari, Don Broco and Deaf Havana, the band are more than well placed to succeed to an even higher level when the band release the second EP in the series later this year. With ‘Somnium’ receiving high praise from the likes of Kerrang!, Big Cheese and Rocksound who said the EP is; “A delicious slice of pop-rock goodness” along with the airplay on Radio 1 and Kerrang! Radio that has taken the band and their sound to a bigger audience catching many people’s attention.

To find out a little bit more about Through Colour, I caught up with the band’s vocalist Steve recently to find out about influences, ‘Somnium’ and plans for the rest of the year:

How would you guys describe your sound?

I guess it’s pop-rock with a slight indie twist. We try not to limit ourselves when it comes to writing, so it’s hard to put us anywhere at times. There’s definitely a big pop feel to our music but we’ve never denied being pop music fans. We just love all type’s of music so hopefully that comes across in our sound.

Your EP ‘Somnium’ has been released now, how does it feel to have it out there and how has the reaction been?

It’s been great finally getting it out there! We knew where we were headed when recording ‘Somnium’ as we knew it was a big jump from our last one. We were VERY nervous though on the release of this as it’s very different to ‘Dream In Black And White’. We don’t regret that EP, but we definitely rushed into it whereas with ‘Somnium’ we really took our time to make sure it was 100% right and how we wanted it to sound.

You’ve said your tracks are exploring a journey and a brighter future, has that been a personal journey for each of you or as a band?

I’d say it was the case for both the band and us as people. We all grew up in such small places that once we moved to the city and had all these new opportunities and experiences, the sound of the band and our lives just improved. Band wise, we had new things to write about, new idea’s constantly flowing, better and bigger shows to play and more people to play to. Personal wise we had a lot more to do, a lot more freedom to explore places and the city, new experiences to take hold of and in turn that made its way into the lyrics and music on ‘Somnium’. Having said that, we do love visiting home to get away from the busy and constant city life every now and again. We still know where we’re from.

The second EP of the two is set to be released later in the year, is there anything you can tell us about that?

It’s a lot darker and experimental then ‘Somnium’, that’s for sure. We’ve had so much fun demoing this EP. It’s the first time we’ve ever really stepped out of our comfort zone. In fact, we’ve completely run away from that! Haha. But I know all bands say this, but personally, I’ve never been more excited about this band with the music we’re writing now! We hope everyone else enjoys it as much as we do!

You guys relocated to Manchester, why was that and what are the benefits?

Band wise, it’s great that we can play shows/rehearse most nights of the week now as there are much more rehearsal spaces and shows in a city. So it’s just nice to feel like a ‘proper’ active band. It’s nice to just be able to get an idea and go and show it to the rest of the band without having to wait a few days with the risk of forgetting it haha!

Who are you main influences on your music?

As cheesy as it sounds, each other. We just love making music together so when someone comes up with something we like we just go with it and see where we can get with it or where it can take us to. I’m really not a fan of people thinking they can’t use something in a song because it doesn’t suit their sound. I just feel that people should always write what they enjoy and that should always be the first rule about writing music in my opinion. Do what makes you happy. If you have faith in it and enjoy it then people will find their way to it.

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2014?

Well we have another EP out very soon and then a lot of the back end of the year will be spent on the road!

Check out the band’s video for the single ‘Lost’ from their latest EP below:

The band also have a few live shows planned for July and August taking in cities such as Leeds, Nottingham and Glasgow. Find out more here.

To find out more about Through Colour visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or follow them on Twitter – @throughcolour


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