EP Review: LVLS – Teenagers

Released: January 2014

This five piece from Manchester really did impress me straight away with their hazy nostalgic sound and big indie/pop tracks. I’ve already written a new music piece about the band, which you can read here, but I thought I would review their latest release too. The ‘Teenagers’ EP was released back in January this year and though only 3 tracks long it shows the band’s sound off perfectly.

Starting off with lead single ‘Echoes’ and its hazy guitars which lead into a huge atmospheric synth, a steady and prominent drum beat and big echoing vocals with a rock edge. The choruses are quick, full of rhythm and fast guitar melodies while the middle eight takes everything down before building back up into a final chorus where synth, drums and guitar reverberate around the track.

A slow, deep voice almost breathless in its delivery adds a heavy and sensual atmosphere to ‘Suzi Shoes’ from the off. The background sounds of ‘do do do’ vocals, whistling and tambourine gives a jazzy upbeat happy feel to balance out the strong, compelling vocal sound. This is completely different in comparison to ‘Echoes’; slower, sparse and short in its execution.

‘Young & Cruel’ starts with angelic vocals before cymbals crash, drums pound and a guitar riffs electrically. The vocals retain that nonchalant rock tone, again quite breathless in delivery reminding me slightly of Jarvis Cocker. The vocal harmonies contrast perfectly with the rock elements of guitar and drums and the wailing synth that peaks and troughs throughout this one. There is a melody here that will make you want to dance and will transport you back to the late 80’s/early 90’s and the sounds that ruled the clubs and music scene back then.

A very strong effort from the band throughout from pop to rock to sparse yet emotion laden indie, this three track EP covers pretty much all bases and really is an impressive release from LVLS.

Check out the single ‘Echoes’ from the EP below:

To find out more about LVLS visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @wearelvls


EP Cover from lvlsmanchester.bandcamp.com


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