tracks of the week #59

Following last week’s heavy metal influenced tracks of the week, this week I have a much more chilled out and poppy set of song for you. From festival favourites to new found loves, there really is some great bands and songs here that you should check out this summer if you haven’t already.

Liam McClair – Honey

The brand new single from Cheshire based singer songwriter Liam McClair is set to be released at the end of July with the launch night on the 26th at The Castle Hotel in Manchester. This may be an acoustic version featured above but it still showcases wonderfully the intricate and melodic guitar lines and with such little music backing everything up we really get to hear the stunning tone of McClair’s vocals. A great follow up single to the previous releases.

Haim – Let Me Go

I love Haim which you have probably gathered by now and after watching their Glastonbury set on TV I’m still wondering just exactly why I’m still not a Haim sister yet. Regardless of that though I have been listening to their album loads lately mainly because it is absolutely brilliant and every single track is just so so good! I really don’t think I could pick a favourite from the album as I love them all so much but I’ve gone for an album track to feature this time because honestly they are just as good as the singles though many may not have heard them. Definitely check out Haim’s debut album if you haven’t already as well.

Temples – Sun Structures

I’ve been meaning to check Temples out for ages and finally did a couple of weeks ago after putting together June’s playlists they were one of the recommended artists from one of the other bands I put on there so I made a point of a) listening to them and then b) putting one of their tracks on the playlist. This is the one I chose and it’s probably the most obvious and well known of their tracks but still it is brilliant and if like me you are new to Temples and their sound then this track is a brilliant starting point for you to discover more.

Friendly Fires – Strangelove

I’m pretty convinced I’ve not featured this Friendly Fires track on a tracks of the week post before which is surprising because the amount I listen to this track is insane. It’s a cover of a Depeche Mode track and though I grew up listening to Depeche Mode thanks to my parents I’ve only really realised how good they are recently. The cover was originally for the Gucci Guilty advert which I’m not going to lie I totally have a fangirl moment over whenever it’s on TV [pathetic I know]. But seriously the original is brilliant but I just love Friendly Fires cover of it, Ed’s voice like seriously do not even get me started on how stunning and sexy it sounds on this track. So yeah, I’m going to stop now but seriously just listen to it, you’ve probably heard it on the ad before but the full cover is more than worth a listen.


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