tracks of the week #60

This week is quite an indie one at its heart veering off by adding rock influences, dance attributes or alternative stylings. I have a lot of love for the 3 bands and 1 artist on here this week and I really could have wrote pages and pages about each of them but I tried to keep it short. I hope you enjoy this week’s choices and if you’ve not previously checked any of these artists out then I suggest you do right now.

The Cure – Pictures Of You

I love The Cure, they are one of my favourite bands and one of those bands like Nirvana, Joy Division and Friendly Fires that really strike a chord with me with their lyrics. I have listened to The Cure a lot lately and though this isn’t my all time favourite song by the band it is up there as one of my special ones. This was also a very special and wonderful moment when I saw them at Leeds Festival a couple of years ago too.

Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

After their killer and brilliant headline set at Glastonbury just a few weeks ago, which obviously featured this track which fitted their set perfectly almost like one of many anthems, I have spent a lot of time revisiting Kasabian’s back catalogue that I had forgotten about after years of listening to them. So far I’ve not really listened to much of the new stuff but what I have heard I’m sort of on the fence with at the moment, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it like their previous albums. Maybe it will grow on me but in terms of them as a band I still love them and live they are wonderful and spectacular and I hope I’ll get to see them on tour later on this year too.

James Blake – Limit To Your Love

I love James Blake his sparse, emotional and atmospheric sound is just the perfect music to listen to at any time of day or any point in your life. Both his albums are just stunning pieces of work in my opinion and after catching a bit of his set on BBC’s Glasto coverage recently I want to see him live even more than I already did.

Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This

Over the last few years I’ve really come to appreciate the Manics and the great influence they have over the alternative indie scene and the wonderfully long career they have had. They are a pretty amazing band with plenty of excellent songs in their back catalogue and every time I’ve seen their festival sets on TV they have blown me away with how good they are. This may not be their greatest song but for me it reminds me of my childhood as it was played a hell of a lot on the radio and TV when it was released and since then has been a track that defines a certain point in my young life.


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