Tramlines 2014 Review: Friday at The Harley

The first day at Tramlines usually starts early evening to early night time and depending on who you want to see will depend on what time you get into the city centre and probably how long you stay there too. For me, I wanted to see two acts at The Harley so arriving around 20 minutes before the first set I wanted to see I was ready for a couple of hours of good live music to kick start my Tramlines 2014.

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Cholombian – The Harley – 20:45pm

For the opening night I always think you need to seek out something special on the line up whether they are a big name act or someone brand new to you. This year, Cholombian opened the festival for me as the first act I saw and he did not disappoint. The set throughout was wonderful, thought out to perfectly start you off slowly with drawn out, hazy soundscapes worthy of big screen fame before building the set and the room up into a faster paced, beat-laden second half. Featuring tracks such as ‘Saccharine’ and his remix of Alt-J’s ‘’ was a wonderful nod to past successes in the wake and excitement of what should be soon to come.

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East India Youth – The Harley – 21:45pm

I didn’t catch all of East India Youth’s set, mainly because it was so hot in The Harley, but what I saw I really enjoyed. Synth heavy indie-pop tracks layered with beats and a strong bass element made for a catchy set from the male solo artist sparking off a lot of dancing in The Harley. Another perfect act for a Friday night crowd.

I also managed to have a chat with Cholombian after his set, he was extremely lovely and I’m hoping there will be plenty more to come from him musically featured on this blog. I’ve always said I support great music and real talent and Cholombian, like many other acts that will be featured on here as part of Tramlines 2014, are more than worthy of that support even if it is only from my tiny little corner of the internet.


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