Tramlines 2014 Review: Sunday at The Leadmill

Sunday is a much calmer day at Tramlines, there is a chilled atmosphere which makes for a more family friendly environment in the city centre [instead of families being confined to the folk forest] and it’s just generally a lot better for people not so bothered about getting insanely drunk. It’s probably my favourite day of the festival for that reason even though it’s bittersweet because you know it will all be ending soon for another year. My Sunday was spent wandering round with my mum [yes, me and my mum totally go to festivals together] checking out bands, having a couple of drinks and soaking up the atmosphere. The bands I’m going to review are from The Leadmill’s line up and hopefully you will check out these acts because they are all good for very different reasons

Norma Jean Martine – The Leadmill – 18:45

This young American with soulful vocals, catchy rhythms, wandering harmonies and a pop edge brought a great atmosphere to The Leadmill. A really lovely act that is worth keeping an eye on.

Blossomer – The Leadmill – 19:30

Sheffield’s Blossomer are best described as dream pop meets indie sounds. They have flowing tracks with atmospheric synths, prominent bass lines, steady rhythms and high pitched harmonious vocals. They were a wonderful act with some wonderful tracks; Sheffield yet again does us proud.

Neil McSweeney – The Leadmill – 20:15

As a last minute replacement for Hey Sholay, who had to cancel due to injury, Neil McSweeney might have been a disappointing replacement but he was far from that. The solo artist played indie and classic rock tracks with country edge to the guitar. His melodic vocals had a blues tone running through them which gave them a more unique and warm sound overall. Highlights for me were the calm, flowing sounds of ‘San Miniato’ and the acoustic-led, folk inspired ‘Glencoe’.


TOY – The Leadmill – 21:00

TOY are a band I’ve wanted to see live for a long time and I must admit when I finally got to see them this weekend they did not disappoint one bit. Their fuzzy guitars, atmospheric synths, drawn out vocals create a late 80’s/early 90’s shoegaze sound that is accompanied by a myriad of rhythm and melody that makes for some really solid, well written tracks. It is for that reason this band should be a lot bigger than what they currently are.

Throughout there was hazy intros that built into rock influenced verses and instrumental build up’s that showcased perfectly their swirling guitar riffs and fast, thudding bass lines. Though the band may not be the most talkative or energetic onstage, they are great live as they play the shit out of their instruments. My favourite moment was the light show for their final track which was just insane and out of control which accompanied [extremely well] the chaotic ending to the set of squealing guitars, pounding drums and swirling synths.

So Tramlines is over for another year and I can’t quite believe that it’s done with already! Working for this site and Social Sheffield all weekend was fun but a little tiring [I’m not sure how full time journalists actually work all the way through festivals] but I enjoyed every minute of it. I didn’t get to see every band I wanted to due to either not feeling too good thanks to the heat or line up changes but I guess that is the fun of a festival and it should teach me not to plan so much I guess.

Like I said I had an amazing time, the Tramlines organisers did an amazing job on the line up this year in my opinion and roll on 2015 and hopefully yet another great festival and line up!

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