tracks of the week #62

Three of these acts are brand new discoveries for me and one is a classic act that I really could listen to all day every day at the moment. Ranging from alt-rock to alt-indie to atmospheric moments, I think this has something for everyone and I hope you find something new and brilliant to listen to from this week’s picks.

Marmozets – Captivate You

I’ve heard a lot about Marmozets over the past couple of years and seen them on countless festival line up’s but for some reason they had passed me by. Their new single landed in my inbox recently though and after giving it a listen I’m kicking myself for not listening to these guys sooner. The pounding yet rhythmical drums, melodic yet chugging guitars and vocal that ranges from screams full of emotion to less harsh and harmonious moments all create a wonderful modern day alt-rock song that is bound to be well received by fans and new listeners alike.

Manic Street Preachers – Sex, Power, Love and Money

I can not stop listening to Manic Street Preachers recently, I feel a sense of disappointment in myself for not venturing more into their back catalogue before now but listening to them I can see that they are a somewhat underrated [by some] band who really have been quite groundbreaking throughout a lot of their career. Their most recent release ‘Futurology’ is absolutely brilliant and probably my album of the year plus the amount of energy those guys still have on stage as shown at this year’s Glasto and T In The Park is amazing and shames many younger bands around at the moment.

Woman’s Hour – Her Ghost

I discovered these guys while checking out the Tramlines line up and putting together a playist of acts to see at the festival. They instantly captivated me with their slightly nostalgic shoegazey sound, all full of lethargic yet harmonious female vocals, oscillating elongated synth and gentle guitar strums and drum beats. This really is a wonderfully chilled track and I absolutely love it.

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen

Another Tramlines discovered act for me but I had heard of these guys before the festival I just hadn’t checked them out until now. This song instantly drew my gaze when I searched for them on Spotify as Kathleen was my grandma’s name and the song really is wonderful too. With fast drums, great guitar melodies throughout and a voice that has a swagger to it, it’s a mix of indie and rock with an alternative edge that draws on bygone indie influences too. Great name for a great song.


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