Beauty Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

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After all the hype I’ve heard about this product over the years and the countless reviews I’ve pored over to see if this was worth a try I finally decided to purchase this when I went to Paris earlier this year. I must admit that I’m extremely disappointed with the product but at the same time I’m not overly sure if the reason I’m so disappointed is because it is a bad product or because we just don’t agree with each other, I have a feeling it could be the latter.

Billed as a cream that will help with redness and acne scars I thought this would be perfect for me and my complexion that’s not as bad as it was in my teenage years but it still has its moments. I’ve tried this on three separate occasions now and every single time I’ve been disappointed. The first time it did nothing to improve my complexion and made my face slightly uncomfortable, the second again nothing happened and the most recent time the product made my face so itchy and irritable that I had to go and cleanse my face a few times to make sure all the product was off as I was slightly terrified I was going to end up with either a rash or a bright red face.

Now I know this is just my opinion and it does differ from a lot of others, I’m wary of giving out specific skincare advice as I’m not an expert and skincare is such a personal thing for every single person. I personally have fair skin, it’s quite sensitive but not extremely so and my skin is the definition of combination. I am very loyal with the skincare I use sticking to brands like Simple, Garnier and Clinque as they work perfectly for me but this was something I was desperate to try as a occasional product to use when needed.

It didn’t work for me and I have a feeling it’s because my skin has reacted to it, hence the itching and burning feeling but that is just me and I’ve read blogs where people with extremely sensitive skin swear by this. So in essence I can’t definitely say buy this or don’t that is up to you but I would probably suggest trying it on the inside of your wrist or whatever first before putting it on your face if you are wary. This didn’t work for me but it is a wonder product for many, sorry Effaclar Duo it seems we are just not meant to be.

You can buy La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo online from Escentual and Boots.


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