tracks of the week #63

Sometimes when life is stressing you out you turn to music to cheer you up and I think that is why this week’s tracks have a good Friday feel good atmosphere to them from older, upbeat indie to brand new rhythm laden dance and obviously some cheesy [maybe not so cheesy if you are me] to round everything off with. I hope these tracks manage to but a smile on your face or put you in a good mood for this weekend.

The Crookes – Backstreet Lovers

It may be a pretty old track now being released back in 2010 from their debut album but this still remains one of my favourite songs by this Sheffield quartet. To me this sounds very much like Morrissey/The Smiths to me but weirdly I really like it and I really hate Morrissey a lot. Regardless of that, this is a great track, listen to it and have a dance around your house, your work place or down the street to really kickstart your weekend.

Jungle – Platoon

If you haven’t listened to the debut album by Jungle yet then do yourselves a favour and listen to it right now! It is seriously brilliant! The hype around this band delivers on so many levels and is rightly deserved. If only all debut albums were this good then my job as a reviewer would be confined to using only nice words. It was tough to pick just one track from this album but I think this one perfectly sums up the album and its catchy beat, sing along chorus and shimmering sounds will continue the Friday feel good atmosphere I’m trying to create here.

SBTRKT – New Dorp. New York [feat. Ezra Koening]

A slightly new direction from SBTRKT with this latest release but it is still an excellent release from the producer. Strong from the beats, the production and the collaboration with Ezra Koening which works so well and I can see this song not only acheieving success with the dance music snobs but also on the dancefloor. If you are going out tonight and you don’t hear this track leave the club/bar immediately because it is clearly not great and find a bar/club that is playing this.

S Club 7 – Bring It All Back

Alright so who doesn’t love S Club 7? If you just said you didn’t you are totally lying because everyone loves them. They were one of my all time favourite bands and I’m not going to lie I totally knew all the lyrics, dance moves and watched the movies countless times. All I’m going to say is, listen to this track and try and resist the urge to sing and/or dance along, I bet you can’t do it.


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