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Nirvana Vest – eBay / Levi Strauss Denim Shorts – Vintage / Checked Men’s Shirt – Vintage St. Michel / Red Dr. Marten’s Boots / Aztec Print Backpack – George at Asda / Black Bandana – Primark

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I can not take a photo of myself without either looking away at the floor or looking like an idiot. I’m sure you’ve all gathered that by now though so thanks for being so understanding of my stupid inability to take a good picture of myself.

Anyway, I thought this week as I’d usually be at Leeds Festival [boo for not being there this year!] that I would put together a little festival style post. Yeah the festival season is ending but my style for festivals is pretty timeless and never really follows any ‘festival trends’. My main reason for putting this together is I’m sick of magazines putting features together on festival style that suggest you wear jelly sandals and maxi dresses to festivals like Glasto, Reading and Leeds and Bestival. No, do not, I repeat, DO NOT do that! Unless you want trench foot and a sodden muddy dress then I would not follow their advice. Sandals and maxi dresses may work for Coachella but we in England are not blessed with LA sunshine ever so don’t even think about the totally impractical fashion advice. Oh and also don’t wear a playsuit unless you enjoy getting naked to pee in portaloo’s or stalls where people will look over the top to see if anyone is in there.

So the above outfit is pretty much my typical festival outfit. I always without fail wear denim shorts and this particular pair have seen me through many festivals, comfy, practical and they have huge pockets what more could a girl need. The Nirvana vest and shirt totally throws to the rock chick look I always try to pull off at festivals and are 2 of the 6 layers I will inevitabl end up in during the day. Layers are your friends at festivals guys and as someone who’s lips once turned blue they were so cold at a festival I speak from experience that the more clothing you have the better. A rain mac is a must and a jumper or hoodie are other cosy warm layers you will be thankful for come night time.

Shoes-wise there should only ever be two choices: 1) wellies which I live in at Leeds Fest [why is it always raining?] and 2) a sturdy pair of boots like DM’s or Cat boots. Any other footwear choices should not even be thought about, even trainers are a bad idea as soon as it rains. First year I went to Leeds Fest I wore Converse, it didn’t rain much but for the hour it did I could barely walk so seriously wellies or good boots, nothing else!

Accessories wise you want a good strong bag – backpacks are good but beware of pickpockets, a bag that goes across you would be better as you can keep it in front of you at all times and for extra security bumbags are your friend – stick money, phone, ID and valuables in there so if everything goes bad you can still get home. Jewellery and make up wise I tend to keep things minimal – basic make up mainly to make me look alive and cover up the tell tale signs of lack of sleep and jewellery all I need is a watch. I have a specific watch I use for festivals – an old school black casio it cost me £10 so if I lose it or it gets damaged it’s not too bad but after 5 years it is still going strong, best £10 I ever spent I think.

I hope this helps anyone looking into going to their first festival next year or the few that are left this year. I’m no pro but I’ve been to enough to know what you should and shouldn’t wear and what you should and shouldn’t do. Let’s face it, we all as girls see pictures of celebs at festival and want to dress as well as they do but we are not in the guest area and they are not trudging through mud sleeping in a tent for days on end. Be practical with things like footwear choices, taking layers and not taking anything too expensive, you will thank yourself for it and it will also be a challenge to create as fashionable an outfit as you can out of practical and inexpensive clothing.

What do you guys think of my festival style? And what is your style when it comes to festivals?


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