new music: Emma Harrop – Ex-Girlfriend

At the moment I’m finding plenty of great female artists online or they are getting in touch with their music and today I bring you another wonderful female singer/songwriter in Emma Harrop. Hailing from the North West, this acoustic songstress now lives in London and has recently released her first single ‘Ex Girlfriend’ from her forthcoming EP.

Starting slowly with gentle guitar strums that punctuate the unique vocal style of Harrop. The track picks up pace through the first verse adding padding drums and a faster vocal style that almost reminiscent of hip hop attributes while the violins in the chorus create a bigger sound. It’s a sad track that is portrayed through the clear emotion in the voice and the lyrical sensibilities which lines such as “is she prettier than me” and “this jealousy is killing me” but the upbeat tempo and great rhythms produced mainly through quick vocals gives a catchy edge to this.

The single has bought along with it plenty of success and attention for Harrop as it has already reached a place in the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. The EP, from which this single features, is set to be released in the autumn through an indie label but until then you can download the single ‘Ex Girlfriend’ on iTunes now.

To find out more about Emma and her music visit her website, her Facebook page or you can follow her on Twitter – @EmmaMyHeroine


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