tracks of the week #66

This week, I decided to make my tracks of the week past an all female affair. After being inundated with great female solo artists from the charts and the past and my inbox which is seeing more and more women there instead of just bands and male singer/songwriters. With all that in mind I thought it was time to celebrate some of my personal favourite female artists at the moment. 3 are current, 1 is from years gone by, 1 is a chart act and 1 is a brand new discovery for me, what they all have in common though is that they are female, amazing at what they do and I love them all.

Lauren Bannon – Jukebox

This is the title track from Lauren’s debut EP and it is a great example of just how wonderful this girl and her music is. I wrote about her earlier this week [read the post here] and here is what I had to say about the EP; “Bannon’s vocals are loaded with emotion through the alluring and rich tone she has to her voice. That is all backed up by sparse and melodic sounds from softly strummed guitars and tinkling piano which builds to dancing piano lines and catchy acoustic riffs.”

Anja McCloskey – Too Many Words

This is the first single taken from Anja’s recently released second album ‘Quincy Who Waits’, which I reviewed on here recently. I absolutely loved the album and I adore Anja’s great and quite unique sound, it’s not something I would normally find myself drawn to but the talent, love and energy all pored into the music she is creating really shows and has paid off to create a sound that I and many others love.

Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot

I must admit after years of meaning to listen to Patti Smith I have only just done it, I’m more than glad I finally have sat down and listened to her amazing work but I’m slightly ashamed with myself for it taking this long in the first place. I can see now why Patti Smith is such an inspiration to so many and I think the more I look into her amazing and extensive back catalogue of work she will continue to inspire me more than she already has. This is one of my favourite tracks of her’s so far, let the discovery begin.

Katy Perry – Wide Awake

It’s no secret that I love Katy Perry and I may even love her slightly more than I love Beyonce [I know right!] but honestly her songs just resonate with me so much. They may be pop songs but a lot of them have a message that I can relate to for whatever reason and as I said last week with P!NK if it has a message that I can relate to or understand in some way then I am more likely to love it than your typical pop song which is quite generic and doesn’t really talk about anything at all. Katy Perry is quite a fashion icon for me too, not the really daring outfits obviously, but her love of colour, pattern and all things quirky speaks to my inner fashion lover who loves all things a little bit different. I love Katy Perry and I bloody well hope you do too!


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