A/W 2014 Moodboard

This week with the weather being all over the place and being ridiculously busy, I’ve been a little uninspired in the fashion/outfit stakes and therefore decided not to post an outfit this week but a moodboard. As the weather turns colder [quite rapidly I may add!] and the summer clothes seem like a laughable joke to be able to get more wear out of, I’ve been trying to refind my inspiration by putting together a little A/W wishlist. Let’s face it, this is mainly for Autumn and though I own so many pairs of boots and jumpers already that my winter wardrobe is not really in need of more there are still key pieces I am on the lookout for.

Key pieces like a really good pair of jeans that fit me perfectly, a plain shirt with a good cut, a checked skirt, a duster style coat and marled style jumper – all of which I seem to have found here so maybe it is time I parted with some pennies and added these much wanted pieces to my wardrobe. Checks and tartan as usual are a massive part of my A/W wardrobe and I think that will be the same again this year with the looks of my wishlist from the checked kilt style skirt, dogtooth trousers, checked coat and tartan print dress.

As I get older as well I can see myself being drawn to more classical styles and shapes with dresses of more respectable length, tailored pieces from the shirt, trousers and coat and pieces that will go with many things in my wardrobe. Obviously though pattern and colour still remain rife which I don’t think will ever change and the accessories well you always have to have a couple of standout and quirky pieces like the cute fox backpack and those silver shoes.

Jewellery-wise rose gold watches are my current favourite thing and as a huge fan of watches I’m always looking to add more to my collection, though I don’t have the budget for this Michael Kors one, a girl can dream and look for a cheaper alternative. In terms of make-up colours for me – autumn is all about the richer and deeper shades – dark red and plum lips or the deep pink here which I’m planning on playing around with this season and for nails I’m always a maroon girl in autumn but I thought I’d mix it up with some classic greys like the Essie one pictured above, the perfect simple colour and a great base for nail art or chunky glitter polishes.

Have you thought about you A/W wardrobe yet? What will you be wearing?


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