This Month, I Have Been… August

I don’t really have much to say here about this month as a sum up as it has been yet another up and down month for me from really terrible and bad lows to positive moments and happier times. Looking back through this though I figured that there has been much more good stuff than bad which puts me in a good and slightly optimistic [as optimistic as a serial pessimist can be] mood for September, which will see my holiday to Corfu at the end of the month, and beyond.

Listening To: My usual random mix of music from strong female influences like Katy Perry, P!NK, Patti Smith and Lauren Bannon to some classic favourites of mine like Eurythmics, Manic Street Preachers and Arcade Fire. The brilliant debut from Jungle has been on repeat for me for the entire month as well as the new music from SBTRKT which is not only brilliant but gets me even more excited for the next album.

This month, I’ve reviewed albums/EP’s from Liam McClair, Turrentine Jones, Anja McCloskey and Kilkovec.

While new music-wise I’ve featured many artists including Busik Mase, Woman’s Hour, Lauren Bannon, Speaking In Shadows, Sam Scherdel, Higher Demise and Emma Harrop.

Watching: The Honorable Woman [absolutely brilliant TV and I have such a girl crush on Maggie Gyllenhall], Bake Off [the return of everyone’s favourite!], Silicon Valley [which is hilarious], Scandal series 1 and 2 [how badass is Olivia Pope?! I want to be her!] and Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy 2.


 photo IMG_2303_zps91c74945.jpg

I’ve only managed to read one book this month which is really bad for me but it was an amazing book so it was nice to take my time over it and enjoy the story. ‘Sing You Home’ is by Jodi Picoult, who is one of my all time favourite authors and as usual it was a book that I loved and did not disappoint me in the slightest. Her novels always have wonderfully written stories, great characters and the moral edge which makes you think as well as just read. I love her work and you can expect a full review of the book on here soon.

Currently Reading: ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn


I also attempted my first gluten free bake this month. As my mum has recently been diagnosed as a coeliac I’ve been researching plenty of recipes and how to adapt current recipes. Inspired by biscuit week on bake off [always one of my favourites] I made some coconut and sultana cookies which turned out surprisingly well and took me less than half an hour to make and bake. I’m still getting used to gluten free flour, as it is surprisingly a lot different to normal flour, but in the mean time there will be plenty of trail and error bakes going on from me.

Eating: I’ve eaten out a hell of a lot this month to the point where I’m quite surprised I’ve not actually put any weight on but as I’m an idiot most meals I’ve forgotten to take pictures of but a short sum up – pizza’s at Zizzi’s and Ask, ravioli at Bella and burgers at Bungalows and Bears and The Harley – carbs ahoy!

Here are some pictures of a meal I had at The Old House recently – Brie and Grape Chutney Sandwich with Sweet Potato Wedges and Chocolate Brownie with Honeycomb Ice Cream for dessert, one word – yum!


 photo IMG_2244_zpse8e51793.jpg

Floral Kimono, Tropical Print Bikini and Mint Sliders all from New Look – After a terrible attempt at holiday shopping at Meadowhall at the beginning of the month I went online and ordered this lot in the New Look sale. A tropical bikini and kimono were top of my wishlist and these two more than satisfy those needs [look how pretty they are] and the sliders well they are mint and were £8 down from £20, bargain!

 photo IMG_2246_zps8b124d48.jpg

Black Bag, Daisy Flower Crown, Bandana and Silver Brogues all from Primark – I went to Primark to holiday shop but even at the beginning of August A/W stuff was in already! So instead I bought a few much needed [well sort of] pieces, the brogues are too amazing in my opinion, a daisy flower crown I’ve wanted forever and the bag has two whole huge sections which will be the perfect night out bag for me, the girl who takes more than any girl needs to on a night out.

 photo IMG_2247_zps6aada3f1.jpg

 photo IMG_2248_zps4d9c02c0.jpg

Adidas Etrusco Trainers from Office – Did I need these? No. Did I refuse to leave the shop without them? Yes. £20 for these amazing trainers is a bargain in my eyes and they are by far the comfiest trainers I own and my penchant for buying men’s trainers continues [they are just so much comfier you guys!]

 photo IMG_2203_zpsce1eb0aa.jpg

Henry Holland Elegant Touch ‘Sweet Tooth’ Nails and Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs Perfume – After getting my new role at Social Sheffield at the end of last month and instantly been thrown into Tramlines I thought it would be nice to treat myself a little to this new amazing perfume by Marc Jacobs and these super cute ice cream nails by Henry Holland.

Elton John’s Greatest Hits and Eurythmics ‘1984’ Single – some antique shopping resulted in these two purchases. I’m sure you know you are a true music lover when you can not physically walk past vinyl without rummaging through it for some bargains and treasures first. Elton John’s album was £5 and Eurythmics was £2, like I said bargains for just how bloody good they both are!

 photo IMG_2215_zps6d68f9c7.jpg

 photo IMG_2216_zps9cc1269a.jpg

Yeah, I have a serious book buying problem. Every month there is a pile of books on here but I totally do not regret that decision at all. This month I bought Tom Brown’s School Days’ by Thomas Hughes and The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling from an antique store, there was definitely no way I was leaving The Jungle Book behind it is one of my childhood favourites. I also got ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn [I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and ‘A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing’ by Eimear McBride after reading very good reviews on blogs and newspaper sites I decided to get this as well when I hit up Waterstones and their 3 for 2 this month.


 photo IMG_2305_zpsa0aef698.jpg

Phwoar Paint Concealer in Fair by Seventeen – Literally my new favourite beauty product and a revelation to my life. I’ve read so many reviews on this over the past few months that I’m surprised I didn’t pick it up sooner but after finally buying this last month I’ve used it every day non stop. I have terrible dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep and even when I do actually get a good night’s sleep I still look terrible. This eliminates dark circles insanely quickly and with only a small amount of product needed. My new holy grail product.
Charles Worthington Strength and Repair Heat Defence Spray – As I’ve mentioned before on here with my hair now being the longest it’s been since I was a child I’m doing everything I can to protect it – going to a professional hairdresser and having a minimal haircare routine in place I can tell has helped my hair a lot throughout the past few months. As I’ve decided it’s about time I tried other styles bar tying it back I’ve gone back to straightening my hair again occasionally [something I’ve not done since I was 18] but now with this spray my hair is not ruined by the heat like it was before. Not only does it protect and look after my hair but it helps me to straighten my slightly frizzy hair much easier than ever before. It may be expensive in terms of other brands out there but this product is so perfect for me that I will gladly part with the money for amazing hair!


The end of last month was busy with getting the new job and going to Tramlines so I thought this month may be quieter but I was wrong. Starting the month seeing Guardians of the Galaxy which is amazing! Go see it now if only for the scene which accompanies the opening credits, three words: Chris Pratt and dancing!

Since then I’ve been doing boring life stuff like swapping banks, searching for new phone contracts, buying furniture and new sunglasses [why so expensive! damn prescription sunglasses!] and sorting the house out [still!]. But there has also been fun things like holiday shopping, more cinema trips, nice meals with friends and family and attending a couple of local gigs which is now not only classed as something fun to do but also work which is pretty awesome!

Firstly, I went to a jazz night at The Lescar at the beginning of the month where the band, Gypsies of Bohemia, surprised me. It’s no secret that I hate jazz but I quite liked these guys, mixing funky jazz tones from the bass with pop covers, vintage sounds, great melodies and plenty of rhythm. They transported me and everyone in that room back to a jazz cafe in 1930’s Paris and it was quite wonderful actually.

I went to the new music night at The Rocking Chair to check out some of the best unsigned Yorkshire based acts. I caught the wonderful Sheffield based singer/songwriter Sam Scherdel and his classic rock vocal and catchy tracks, find out more about him here in my latest new music post. I also caught Barnsley’s Demographic with their alternative indie meets fast paced rock songs, it was a change of pace and a much louder set but again like Scherdel they showed plenty of talent and promise during their time onstage.

 photo photo2_zps67c9a944.jpg

 photo photo3_zpsd4c43cf8.jpg

 photo photo4_zps04899ed8.jpg

Top 2 Pictures: Deaf Crows, Bottom Picture: Gretanova

I also hit up West Street Live for a packed bill of quality local acts including Deaf Crows and their rock’n’roll sound with a mix of blues and indie [more on them on here soon], Gretanova and their prog rock sound, the heavier punk sounds of Titan’s Troubadours and headliner’s Sheffield’s alt-rock five piece DeadBlondeStars. It was a great night that showcased so much local talent, the gig was free and in such a great location with a perfect live music atmosphere I hope there will be many more nights to come.

Some Great Finds on the Internet This Month:

– A couple of posts from HelloGiggles, the first a piece called Let’s Stop Judging Women With Tattoos which is not only an amazing piece but something I support especially as a woman with tattoos who is fed up of disapproving looks because of it. Secondly, I Don’t Like The Beach and That’s Ok which I loved because I don’t really like the beach all that much mainly because I hate sand. The first time I ever went on the beach as a toddler I screamed and cried and though I don’t act like that now I still hate sand. I like the beach as a nice place to go, I love the sea but can I have a pebbled beach please, they are much nicer and prettier!

– Game of Thrones Comic Con panel! Because seriously it was brilliant and my personal highlight was the sheer amount of times questions were asked about the books and book spoilers when they were already told not to ask about that. Seriously guys listen to the rules!


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