throwback tuesday #29

The Throwback Tuesday weekly post is a opportunity for me to revisit the good, cheesy, forgotten or essential parts of music, film, tv and books from my childhood, the past few years or the generations/eras/works of art that have influenced my life in some way.

This week I thought I would revisit my teenage years and the music I listened to back then by featuring one of my favourite bands, Panic! At The Disco. I was just going to feature one track from their first album but as I’ve revisited it a lot lately I decided to feature the entire first album ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ and all of the singles from it on here.

When Panic! first started out back in 2004 and they burst onto the scene, I [like many others] was right in the middle of my emo phase of being totally obsessed with bands such as Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Panic! were one of those bands that had the pop punk catchiness of bands like FOB but they also had that theatrical nature that MCR had but here it was all rolled up into one band and one album, their debut.

I’ll not write too much about the debut album itself here because I have a whole post dedicated to it coming soon but what I will say is that this album was one of those albums that I played on repeat constantly for months on end without ever getting bored of the tracks. Even today when I hear a song from the album or I revisit it in full it sparks memories of my teenage years – the good and the bad – and it will always remain one of my all time favourite albums that I’m sure will stick with me through years and decades of my life to come.

Below are my 3 favourite tracks from the album, it was pretty difficult to narrow it down to just 3 but I hope this post will spark a few memories and if you’ve never checked out Panic! before then I hope you will go and check out this album.


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