tracks of the week #68

This week, I’ve been on a bit of a voyage of discovery music-wise. The first two tracks are new finds for me whether they have approached me themselves or have been recommended to me while the last two tracks are re-discoveries of bands I have loved in the past and somehow forgotten about over the months or years. There is some brilliant stuff here so make sure you check out all this week’s tracks and let me know your favourite.

K Anderson – Cocoon

The funky upbeat tempo of this creates a feel good atmosphere from the start. The spoken vocals contrast wonderfully with the fast paced rhythms, quickly strummed guitar and the sing song “Cocoon” of the chorus. The cool poppy vibe reminds me of acts such as Vampire Weekend when they first started, it is a well put together and really very good song that contains a melody bound to get stuck in your head. To find out more about K Anderson and his music then visit his Soundcloud page, his Facebook page or you can follow him on Twitter – @kandersonmusic

Young Buffalo – Baby Demons

The guitar that opens this reminds me of acts such as Joy Division or My Bloody Valentine with that hazy, slightly shoegazey tone to it which drew me and my love of bands like those straight in. The vocals have an echoey, psychedelic tone to them throughout the verses while they are full of building harmonies in the verses. The middle eight of hard hit drums, swirling organ notes and muffled riffs that ricochet around the track brings us into a long final chorus that plays us out absolutely perfectly.

Delphic – Doubt

Sometimes Spotify’s Discover section throws up either a gem in a new find or a reminder of a band you have not listened to in a very long time. This week, they reminded me of Delphic who I have not listened to in about 3 years or more and I’m not really sure why I forgot about them but I’d like to thank Spotify for the reminder. Since I last listened to them they have released a new album which came out earlier this year and which I’ll be sure to check out ASAP but for now here is one of the singles from their 2010 debut ‘Acolyte’.

Theme Park – Ghosts

I wrote about Theme Park a lot last year with their upbeat summery sounds, they were the perfect band to listen to that would put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Cliched words maybe but are they true most definitely. This track again does not disappoint with earworm melodies, harmonious vocals and an almost tropical vibe running throughout the whole song. The summer may have ended but listening to these guys might just make summer stick around a little longer, in your head anyway.


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