ootd: school room chic

 photo IMG_2342_zpse0131258.jpg

 photo IMG_2351_zpsb26b2f01.jpg  photo IMG_2352_zpsbe86a8f9.jpg

 photo IMG_2334_zpsef05e875.jpg

 photo IMG_2356_zps72537f64.jpg

 photo IMG_2346_zps8612694f.jpg

 photo IMG_2344_zpsc19ba4e3.jpg  photo IMG_2341_zps63ad2c2d.jpg

 photo IMG_2337_zps3cab8b1c.jpg

Striped Blazer – Florence and Fred at Tesco / Checked Dress – Topshop / Maroon Hat – Topshop / Maroon Studded Box Bag – Primark / Maroon Knee High Socks – Primark / Purple Brothel Creepers – Underground / Gold Chain Necklace – H&M / Watch – Casio

I feel like I should have posted this outfit a couple of weekends ago with it’s back to school style look but you know better late than never I guess. I didn’t realise how much this looked like a more fashionable take on a school uniform until I looked back at the pictures I had taken. Honestly a lot of this outfit in terms of colours represents the colours I wore at school – grey and navy blue. I swore I would never wear grey after I finished school, years of wearing grey trousers [and the struggles of finding grey trousers when you are tall!] and the most horrific polyester grey jumper put me off the colour for life but now I find myself drawn to it a lot as it is such a versatile and easy colour to style up.

The muted greys in this dress with the toned down maroon stripes running across make this dress easy to pair with basically anything in my wardrobe but it is not too bland to just be forgotten against other bright or patterned items. Maroon is one of my all time favourite colours and I wear it a lot especially during Autumn and Winter. The maroon stripes on this navy blazer, the maroon of this amazing box bag, the hat and the knee high socks all compliment each other perfectly without being to matchy matchy for someone who hates it when outfits co-ordinate.

Teaming the dress and blazer combo with a hat that really looks like boarding school attire, knee high socks and a more sensible looking shoe totally ups the school girl look but if only I would have been able to go to school in brothel creepers then my school days would have been much better than the battered all black converse I somehow managed to get away with wearing for 3 whole years. It doesn’t matter how much we hated our school uniforms and how glad we are to be away from school, it seems we somehow always revert back to those days and the colours and clothes we were made to wear for so long.


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