new music: Young Buffalo

A couple of week’s ago I had this band recommended to me and thankfully so because after listening to just one track I knew there was something really brilliant about this band that really do like a hell of a lot. The band are called Young Buffalo who hail from Oxford, Mississippi and bring to the fore plenty of laid back rhythms, interesting sounds and typically British indie sounds.

The above track is called ‘Baby Demons’ which I wrote about on here last week. It opens in a shoegazey manner with hazy sounds that remind me of acts like Joy Division before psychedelic vocals echo through verses building up to harmonies in the chorus, while suppressed guitar and whirlpool-esque organ dance along in the background.

While new single ‘Skyia’ [featured below] opens with pounding drums and thudding bass all topped off with a melodic guitar which adds an almost tropical vibe with its intermittent moments thrown throughout the track. The vocals have a great old school American tone to them that makes them seem so huge with their harmonies that run all around the accompanying music. It’s an uptempo track bound to make you want to shake your hips and have a little dance along. A wonderful new track from Young Buffalo.

Having started out in 2009 as a trio, the band have now grown to become a 5-piece with a bigger sound and a more exuberant nature to their music. Though the band have been around for a while, they have still remained quite an underground and undiscovered gem for many with only minimal press clippings about the band online. One piece that has been written about the band is a wonderful New Band of the Day piece on The Guardian’s website where writer Paul Lester sums up the band by saying; “This Mississippi trio might look like low-expectation slackers, but their music offers glimpses of a band with ambition.”

Ambition which has paid off with the quintet picking up a solid fanbase over their career so far from the release of 2 EP’s and the odd demo and single over that time as well as countless shows played across the US. They may not have a full length album out right now but surely it is only a matter of time for a LP release from the band and it will be an album not to be missed too if past releases and tracks are anything to go by. Check out this band now if you are after an indie band with an alt edge, pop catchiness and an experimental meets grungy meets vintage British indie sound.

Check out the video for the band’s recent single ‘Skyia’ below:

To find out more about the band visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @youngbuffalo


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