ootd: Daytime Sequins

 photo IMG_2382_zps0faa6f08.jpg

 photo IMG_2376_zps7c818cef.jpg

 photo IMG_2371_zpsfcdd0f61.jpg  photo IMG_2384_zpsc795cc27.jpg

 photo IMG_2372_zps327ae401.jpg

 photo IMG_2386_zps58c9ca18.jpg  photo IMG_2374_zps205c1637.jpg

 photo IMG_2380_zpsc9f6f4e0.jpg

 photo IMG_2389_zps9ce8f9d6.jpg

Striped Shirt – Forever 21 / Sequinned Shorts – Forever 21 / Denim Shirt – Vintage / Grey Socks – Primark / Underground Brother Creepers / Gold Chain Necklace – H&M

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the amount of my pasty thighs that are on show here, I am very sorry. Anyway, I’ve been super busy the past few weeks which means I’m a little behind on blogging and work and everything really so as I try to catch up before I go away next week I’m trying to utilise my time as best as I can. That means some more day to night posts are coming your way starting with this week’s look which is a look at how to wear sequins in the daytime.

As we get closer to Winter and the inevitable party season, sequins really become the must have in terms of accessories and clothing. Now I always see sequins as night time wear for evenings and meals out so this outfit was as much a challenge and time to reassess for me as I’m hoping it will be for you. I chose my sequinned hot pants shorts from Forever 21 that I bought last year and have worn twice so far – once to a Christmas meal and the other time to see Beyonce – standard times for sequins in my opinion. Taking them to daytime though I was inspired by the likes of Robert Smith from The Cure who took over the top things like sequins and pieces and styled them in a way that looked awesome and not too over the top to wear at any time.

Pairing sparkly sequins with Dennis the Menace stripes and oversized denim is a great contrast really dulling down the sequins so they don’t look so stand out and in your face against more casual clothing. I really love this outfit and it is probably something I would wear in the daytime [with natural tights though obvs]. The thick socks and clumpy gothic style shoe again completely contrasts with the bold sequinned shorts.

I really love this outfit and it has completely changed my mind on sequins that they can be worn in the daytime if you just style them correctly, mainly by playing them down with more basic and casual fabrics I’ve found. What do you think of this outfit? Have I persuaded you to try sequins in the daytime?

Next week: my night-time outfit featuring these sequinned shorts!


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