LFW S/S 2015: Favourite Collections

All photos by Yanni Vlamos for style.com


Described as dark and slightly sinister by Tim Blanks on style.com, this collection was by far my favourite from this S/S 15 LFW showcase. The florals on show were much less twee and in your face than a lot of flowers that hit the shelves every Spring/Summer. Yes, florals for Spring may not be ground-breaking but this collection which takes in traditional Victorian styles of dresses, darker and bolder colour schemes and very precise, almost anatomically correct flowers on every singles piece is what makes this such a standout collection for me.

As I saw the pictures roll in on Instagram, I was instantly drawn to just how stunning every single piece was and if I could dress completely in Erdem for the entire of Spring and Summer next year I would because quite frankly who wouldn’t want to with outfits and clothes this wonderful! Beautiful sheer chiffon gowns with embroidered flowers, cute pastel laces, bold leaf print bodycon dresses, long and demure Victorian styles and cuts, tweed coats and waistcoats and longline skirts with feathers galore were all teamed with manish brogues in black and blue or slightly ugly sandals, simple hairstyles and minimal make-up.

This is the kind of fashion I love – bold and capable of making a statement but is easy to wear, well made and always looks just wonderful!

All photos via vogue.co.uk

Margaret Howell

This may have been S/S showcase season but Margaret Howell has gone for a more Autumn style collection for 2015. With boxy, oversized cuts, a neutral colour palette of grey, beige, navy and black and the pleated skirts that hark back to school days and tailored suits of Autumn/Winter business woman fashion, it is not the lighter and brighter collection many may have expected. Though it was taken to a slightly more summer edge with strikes of linen through the collection showcasing that although the colour scheme and pieces on offer may be for the colder months, the fabrics used are most certainly for warmer days.

Personally, I liked this collection for the neutral colour palette and perfectly tailored outfits on offer. Howell is one of my favourite menswear designers for this exact reason that she always hits the nail on the head for perfect dressing for any man and this collection takes some of that inspiration and uses it in a more female friendly way with below knee dresses, perfectly fitting crops, oversized tranches and great city shorts. Those who prefer a more masculine take on the way they dress or that prefer basic colour schemes will absolutely adore this collection and I most definitely adore this collection as well.

All photos courtesy of Peter Jensen for style.com

Peter Jensen

For his latest collection, Jensen drew inspiration from the Peanuts comics that he read as a child taking pieces of the different female characters design and outfits and using them on his pieces now. Though here he has used these things and abstracted them to the point where they make comical and cutesy designs, brightly coloured and brilliantly patterned. Pastel shades of yellow, sky blue and baby pink were the main pops of colours throughout on backgrounds of neutrals such as white, black and grey.

Two piece skirts and longline jackets, pinafore dresses teamed with floral shirts, smock cut two tone dresses and cutesy print t-shirts and jumpers all gave a slight 60’s element to this collection that took simple shapes and wearable cuts and made them more interesting with those abstract patterns and candy cane colours. Teamed with thick socks, tough brogues, simple and unstyled hair and pops of colour on the eyes teamed with dewy skin, it is an easy look to recreate this coming Spring/Summer season. Another really great Ready to Wear collection that mixes simplicity with experimentation perfectly.

Photo by: Alessandro Garofalo for style.com

I just had to include this Meadham Kirchoff image. I wasn’t as much of a fan of this collection as I have been of the last two but this look in particular I really did love because it sort of picks up on the gothic and Victorian styles from the A/W 2014 collection. I saw Dazed Magazine describe this look on Instagram as “Pebbles Flintstone all grown up” which I think is a very accurate description. However, you want to describe it though I just really want to wear this outfit and if there is one look from Meadham Kirchoff’s S/S 15 collection I’d wear a lot it is this one.


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