This Month, I Have Been… September

SEptember has gone so fast I really do feel like I have blinked and missed it but as October rolls around, we are now officially in my favourite season. Cinnamon scents, all the crumble, Hot Spiced Apple from Costa, snuggly jumpers and my love affair with a decent pair of boots, what is there not to love about that. I’m starting the month on holiday, so posts will be sparse over the next couple of weeks, so it may not be the start that mirrors by ideal list but I’ll gladly take my much needed holiday thanks before settling back into the run up to winter and cold nights.

Listening to: Plenty of old school favourites such as Friendly Fires because we all know I love them more than any other band to ever exist and I want a new album from them now and I’ve been checking out the new track from Fall Out Boy – ‘Centuries’ which is so bloody amazing and if that is what we will get from a new album then I will be more than happy. I’ve also been checking out plenty of new acts as usual this month for my own and your listening pleasure and in case you missed anything from this month then below is every piece you need to check out.

This month, I have reviewed album’s/EP’s from Way Jose – Stay The Light, Near Ruin – No End, Bear vs. Rhino – Vulture Song and a My Favourite Albums post featuring Panic! At The Disco’s debut ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’.

While new music-wise I’ve featured acts such as Sheffield’s Deaf Crows, the new single from Yumi and the System – Day of the Tiger, the awesome Young Buffalo and Leeds trio Club Smith.

Check out this month’s playlist below too, full of plenty of good stuff:

Watching: I love this time of year as a lot of my favourite shows start back up again for another year or season so after a summer of nothing to watch, I now have an Autumn/Winter TV schedule that is completely packed. Here is what I’ve been watching this month: Chasing Shadows, Scandal: Season 3, Doctor Who and the return of Strictly, Dallas: Season 3 and Downton Abbey: Season 5.


 photo IMG_2407_zpsaf00b72e.jpg

This month, I finished reading ‘Gone Girl’ which was as amazing as everyone said it was. I was a little sceptical that the book could be that good but it really is and I couldn’t stop reading towards the end as I just wanted to know what happened. I’ll not spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t read it yet but it is a very very good read. I’m excited for the film to hit the cinema soon as well!

I also read ‘The Catcher In The Rye’ this month which was not what I expected but it was still wonderful. The train of thought style which takes us across a couple of days in the life of one of the most famous literary characters there is, Holden Caulfield, is an inspired read and though it’s not the style of book I would usually read I loved it all the same. Also, keeping with the train of thought style reads, I read the brilliant ‘The Library of Unrequited Love’ by Sophie Divry this month, I’ll not say much as I plan on reviewing it but seriously I recommend you all read this short but wonderful novel.

Currently Reading: Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O’Porter


 photo photo2_zpsc066cf0f.jpg

I visited Couch on Ecclesall Road this month and had a lovely veggie burger with a combination of the wedges on offer – Cajun Sweet Potato and Salt’n’Pepper Potato Wedges. I have a full review coming up in the next few days of the meal and the restaurant so look out for that but I will say it was a lovely place and I know for a fact I will be back.

And back I was only a couple of days later as well for an amazing lunch of cous-cous and halloumi which quite frankly had me at hello, I’ve finally checked out Eat Eten and had one of their delicious homemade scones as part of their afternoon tea deal – plus mum had one of their gluten free scones and said it was “the best thing she has ever eaten!”, high praise indeed. I also checked out the new menu over at Homemade By Thelma’s and it is yet again another brilliant menu full of lovely homemade fair [check out the pictures below]. After a couple of pub lunches as well, my healthy eating before going to Greece has not exactly gone as planned, better luck on the period between coming back off holiday to Christmas then.


 photo IMG_2364_zpsaedcd331.jpg  photo IMG_2362_zps81e43cdb.jpg

Black Blazer, Maroon Distressed Vest and Maroon Crochet Tights, all from New Look’s recent sale – I needed basics and basics I got, the main winner in this for me is the blazer. I’ve been after a proper fitted black blazer since finally coming to terms with needing to get rid of my other which was way to big for me now and this is utterly perfect. So well made, beautiful fabrics, perfectly tailored, it was a bargain at £10.

 photo IMG_2367_zps6118f768.jpg  photo IMG_2368_zps20b1c362.jpg

Tropical Print Vest, Teal Tights & Set of 3 Rings, all from H&M – The vest – a holiday essential, the tights – a winter essential and the rings – well just because.

 photo IMG_2358_zps5a99ee38.jpg

 photo IMG_2359_zps2f5626b3.jpg

 photo IMG_2361_zps48916e5d.jpg

 photo IMG_2360_zps693a7b8e.jpg

Folder, Notes Organiser, Diary, Stapler, Tape and Highlighters, all from Paperchase. Pencil Case, Sticky Notes and Paperclips, all from Asda. – Having recently started a new job for Social Sheffield and putting more hours and effort into this blog than I ever have done before I thought it was time I got seriously organised, motivated and on top of everything. With that in mind the first thing I had to do was buy some seriously cute stationary because everything is better with cute stationary. Paperchase’s recent sale was full of amazing bits and pieces that will see my work load organised and sorted out in a lovely manner while and until it has been tackled.


 photo IMG_2411_zpse1166eea.jpg

Vintage Rose Lipstick – This is my favourite lipstick as you may be able to tell from how wrecked it looks. It is my every day go to shade and there is no outfit or piece of clothing I own that I can’t pair this with. It’s a very subtle shade but it works very well against my pale skintone adding a bit of much needed colour to my complexion especially on days when I’m only venturing out of the house in basic make up. The lipstick itself may not have the greatest staying power out of all of the lipsticks I own but I love the colour so much that it doesn’t even bother me. There may be better everyday shades out there that other people love but for me this is my all time favourite.
Killer Queen by Katy Perry – This is by far my favourite celebrity perfume and I’ve said before that I sort of stopped by celebrity perfume after age 18 and never went back for fear of the cheap and slightly nasty scents that populated the category before. I can’t speak for other celeb perfumes now but this one I love, the scent is so rich and I particularly like wearing this one on night’s out as it is quite a heavy scent and probably not ideal for daytime wear. I know for a fact that when I run out of this I will repurchase it and at such a purse friendly price there really is no reason not to.


In terms of anything big this month, there hasn’t really been much as I’ve been planning and packing and sorting for my holiday! Trying to get on top of work and sort everything out is a bit of a nightmare but I think it has all come together which is good. Also, I’ve been trying to save as much money as I can for the trip so there hasn’t been many shopping trips or nights out, just a few nice meals, a trip to the cinema and hanging out with the people I care about on a budget. I’ve managed to fit in a local carnival and the re-opening night of a local bar, SOYO, though over the course of the month as well though. Check out a few pictures of the opening of SOYO below, it’s a great new look for the bar with a sleek interior and a great cocktail menu it really is a lovely place to check out in Sheffield.

 photo photo1_zps87129529.jpg

 photo photo4_zpsde3abd3d.jpg  photo photo3_zps6428f28f.jpg

 photo photo2_zps80bf1f79.jpg

Some Great Finds on the Internet This Month:

Buzzfeed sums up perfectly how your life and vocabulary changes dramatically when you have a cat.

If British problems were made into a film and wouldn’t we all want to see these.

Genuinely the biggest problems in my life when I was 14.


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