Food Review: Couch, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

As we all know I’m a huge fan of eating out in Sheffield, mainly because there are just so many amazing places to go that you don’t need to touch a chain restaurant or eatery if you don’t want [not that I have anything against them, the good ones anyway], so checking out a place that is new to me for the first time is always pretty damn exciting.

Couch was somewhere I’d heard a few things about, with their being two establishments one in the city centre and this one on Ecclesall Road, it was clearly a success with other Sheffield residents so I guess it is about time I went there to see what all the fuss was about for myself.

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For a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant on Ecclesall Road was pleasantly busy and by that I mean it was not too overcrowded that you want to get out of there ASAP. The decor for a start was really lovely with patchwork chairs, bare brick walls, wine crates as shelving units and brightly coloured painted pipes around the place, it was an inviting place to be and somewhere that would be awesome to work from in the weekdays with a nice cup of coffee while chilling out in one of the comfy seats on offer. We were there for Sunday lunch though and as much as I love a roast [and Couch does do a veggie roast which sounds amazing!] I opted for a burger, surprise surprise my love for a decent veggie burger continues.

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The veggie option is chickpea, oats and tofu all in a light batter and I assume deep-fried but honestly I know some people hate deep-fried foods, I’m not a huge fan myself, but this was lovely. Like I said the batter was light and not overpowering and the burger was not oily or greasy so the subtle flavours could really come through. Served on a brioche bun [brownie points for that!] with tomato, lettuce, roasted peppers and a sweet chutney made for a really lovely burger that was a) a decent size and not offputtingly huge and b) something a little original than other veggie burgers I’ve had in the city.

The burger also came with a rocket salad and a really nice homemade coleslaw and for that it will cost you £6.95 which is more than reasonable. I added a slice of my favourite cheese ever, Applewood, to the burger for an extra £2. Yeah that’s slightly expensive but when it comes to the smoky taste of Applewood cheese I’m all over it plus I’ve never seen that cheese on any other menu in Sheffield.

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Couch also has two different types of wedges on offer – cajun sweet potato which were nice and huge and not too spicy and salt and pepper potato wedges which again were nice and big and had just enough seasoning on them. For a drink, I opted for Pineapple Juice which was a refreshing choice in the sudden early September heat we were having. The coffees there looked brilliant though and I know I will be back to try one of those as well as chowing down on a veggie roast.

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All in all, I’d recommend Couch as a nice coffee spot, somewhere for lunch with friends or a place to get your Sunday roast from if you are after something fresh and very tasty. The majority of the menu is well priced and very affordable for the nice amount that you get as every single meal I saw come out whether it was a salad or a sandwich, a burger or a roast was a good sized meal that would easily fill you up. With an array of fresh cakes on the counter as well, it really does cater for everyone whatever they are after from their local coffee shop.

Couch can be found at 412-416 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PJ or 29-31 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EG


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