new music: Eoin Glackin

This week, I bring you a singer/songwriter from Ireland who has not only been described as one of the most exciting rising stars but also as a modern day troubadour. The guy I’m talking about is the wonderful Eoin Glackin who’s melodic and flowing indie meets classic rock sounds create some really remarkable music.

Growing up on the northside of Dublin, Eoin became obsessed with passing on stories through music from a very young age and it was that love that saw drawn to the classic sounds and styles of the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. From then he taught himself the piano and the guitar and began writing songs at the age of 15 and then hitting the streets of Dublin busking these newly penned tracks.

The above track is his new single ‘Pretty Girls’, it’s a calm and reflective song with beautiful flowing melodies and lilting vocals which tell the story of a pretty girl in what is one of the most poignant and stunning ways I’ve heard a song delivered in a long time. With such sparse tracks which pack such an emotional punch through the beautify, wonder and splendour of the music and lyrics on offer then there is no wonder that Glackin is receiving plenty of attention and radio airplay.

At 21, Eoin left Dublin for London armed with a box of demos and plenty of determination to get himself known on the live scene by playing as many pubs and venues as possible. This was a plan that worked well as it saw industry insiders getting excited by his sound and then an album, ‘Not Lost’, followed, produced by Ian Grimble, the man behind Manic Street Preachers and The Clash.

Since then, he has toured plenty across Ireland, the UK and appearing on many a festival bill as well as having that debut released back in Ireland. Now though he is gearing up to release his new EP ‘Rain Finally Came’ in the UK. It is the EP that Glackin regards highly as he calls it a pivotal point in his career where he really found his path.

To find out more about Eoin Glackin and his music then visit his website, his Facebook page or you can follow him on Twitter – @eoinglackin


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