tracks of the week #71

This week’s track is another mix of brand new tunes and new discoveries for me from older acts that I’ve not listened to before whether I have heard of them or not. The new To Kill A King track which I have featured on here is quite easily one of my favourite songs of the year and I suggest you scroll down and listen to it right now!

Rose Redd – The Healing

Kicking in with such a strong voice which has such a wonderfully rich tone running throughout which is clearly the highlight and focal point of this track. Those stand out vocals are backed up perfectly with a constant, rhythmical drum and ebbing and flowing guitar before choruses of huge soaring vocals, faster percussion and guitar and a prominent backing vocal. A really great modern folk song with pop sensibilities and rock style drama added into the mix.

I Was A Cub Scout – Pink Squares

I heard of these guys years ago and though this is an old track [2007] I’ve only just given the band a listen now, thank you Spotify for the recommendation. Honestly, I’m kicking myself for not getting into these guys sooner and seeing them live back in the day but better late than never I guess. This songs starts off with ringing, softly plucked guitar strings which reminds me slightly of ‘Milk & Black Spiders’ by Foals, though obviously this was recorded first. The atmospheric sounds that run throughout the background of the verses create a hushed drama before coming into chorus full of crashing drums and cymbals, deep bass lines and a switch from dense rockier moments to catchy guitar rhythms.

Masters In France – Playin’ With My Friends

Yet another Spotify recommendation with this track and it is a really very good one that a hell of a lot of you will recognise from an IKEA advert. Adverts are our friends for getting tracks stuck in our head right? But in all seriousness I never knew the name of the band or the song so it’s nice to have that little quandary answered for me. It’s a hell of a catchy track and it’s quite nice to be able to listen to the track in its entirety.

To Kill A King – Oh My Love

My favourites To Kill A King, who released the brilliant debut album Cannibals With Cutlery last year, are back with some new and very good music in the form of this track ‘Oh My Love’. Starting off pretty dramatically and darkly with drum hits, soaring, almost choirlike backing vocals and Ralph Pelleymounter’s unique tone in quite a sinister mood, the track lightens up slightly in the choruses when vocals are slightly more harmonious yet still retaining that wonderful tone set against trumpets, crashing cymbals and chaotic noises from fast, swirling guitar notes. This is a really great song full of drama, harmonies and some great sounds from the band that have clearly grown adding new elements into their music. This track is taken from their new EP ‘Exit, Persued By Bear’ due for release on 20th October and available to pre-order on iTunes now.


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