Food Review: Chiquito’s, Sheffield

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As much as I love to eat at smaller and more independent restaurants and cafes in Sheffield, you sometimes can’t help but hit one of the bigger chain restaurants especially when at Centertainment when everything there is a chain and if you are wanting to eat and not starve it is your only option. I do love a good chain though, Bella Italia holds a special place in my heart and stomach and Handmade Burger is one of my favourite places in the world but recently I headed to Chiquito’s for only the second time and again, it impressed me greatly.

The Mexican restaurant combines traditionally inspired mexican fare with a mix of American and English classics to create a menu that really does have something for everyone. For me though, I’m usually cautious of a Mexican restaurant because although I love fajitas as much as the next person, the levels of spice when eating out is usually too much for me to handle. Not the case here though, the first time I visited, I had a lovely veggie flatbread but this time I opted for a burger from their specials menu and both times I’ve been suitably impressed by the quality of food, the amount you get for your money and the good amount of veggie options for a chain restaurant.

The Halloumi Burger I had this time had quite frankly the biggest slab of halloumi I’ve ever seen on it but I’m not complaining – I love Halloumi and I love getting value for money. The broiche style bun was soft and perfect to hold the cheese, salad, mayo, chutney and nachos [yes, nachos on a burger!] that were nicely nestled away in there. The chutney was also great – sweet but not too overpoweringly sweet. I opted for sweet potato fries with my burger [there are other options such as normal fries, salad etc] and they were very nice, crispy but still retaining the nice amount of sweetness in them. The coleslaw on the side was another nice little accompaniment, it probably was homemade with the fresh ingredients giving a nice crunch and the mayo style sauce lighter than shop bought versions of coleslaw.

I was suitably stuffed after though we had ordered dessert before finishing which I slightly regret now because a) I was so full and b) I ordered churros and as suspected I was not a fan. That is more my personal preference though as I hate doughnuts and they are basically a doughnut but not round. If you do love churros and are after some though, I would recommend these guys though as you get plenty for your money that are cooked well with sugar and I thin cinnamon on them as well as chocolate sauce and strawberries. A churros heaven for those that, unlike me, love them.

Overall, I enjoyed my burger at Chiquito’s, I’ve never seen just halloumi in a burger before and it was a nice change from a veggie patty or a field mushroom [which I hate in a burger FYI]. I’d totally recommend this place for veggies, mexican fans and those looking for a decent chain restaurant to eat at that won’t break the bank.

Chiquito’s can be found at Valley Centertainment, Broughton Lane, S9 2EP.


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