EP Review: Monster Jaw – Losing All My Friends

Monster Jaw
Losing All My Friends
Release Date: 27th October

UK alt-rock trio Monster Jaw burst onto the scene in 2013 when their debut EP ‘Get A Tattoo’ reached great levels of acclaim for the band. Now the band are gearing up to the release of their new EP ‘Losing All My Friends’ aiming to build on that previous success. The EP was produced by Wes Maebe [The Libertines] and sees the band fuse together sounds and styles from new wave, punk, grunge and indie. It is a mix that takes the best from the past and rejigs them to give them a 2014 update.

The title track ‘Losing All My Friends’ opens this second EP from the band with the radio edit while the extended version closes this, like two great bookends to what lies between. With quite a raw, punky attitude, the vocals are hushed and low in tone, the bass line rumbles along creating a dark atmosphere while distorted riffs echo around the track. All of which builds up to the chorus which is punchy and features a great rhythm from the drums and the vocal style that matches those drum beats.

A great bunch of muffled guitar chords and hard hit drums open ‘Low’ before a catchy chorus comes in with sing along lyrics, fast beats and quick guitar. There is a nonchalant attitude to this whole track meaning it fully embraces the grunge and punk aesthetics the band are so influenced by. I really love the throwback feel on this one and out of the lot, the rawness and immediacy of ‘Low’ makes this a standout moment. That nonchalant attitude continues through to ‘Lidocaine’ where vocals are lethargic and almost slurring throughout while cymbals crash and guitars again go from big punky rock riffs in the chorus to an atmosphere-laden indie accompaniment in the verses.

A slightly sinister build up from fuzzy electric guitar breaks into pounding drums and now chugging riffs for ‘Do It Gay, Do It Straight’ while swirling atmospheric sounds are added over those low sounds. Musically this track is quite good and shows a lot of promise but for me lyrically and vocally I just think it falls short and because of that I think it does let the rest of the really quite good EP down.

For me, this EP is a decent release from Monster Jaw with some great moments musically and especially ‘Low’ which is my personal favourite from the EP. There are some parts of this that I don’t think truly live up to the rest of it but it is a good piece of work from the band and will see them add to their success so far.

Check out the band’s single ‘Losing All My Friends’ [which you can download from iTunes now] below:

To find out more about Monster Jaw and to check out their upcoming tour date visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @MonsterJawMusic


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