new music: Puppet Rebellion – Cupboards Painted Red

Manchester’s Puppet Rebellion last week released the new video for the single ‘Cupboards Painted Red’ from the recently released second EP ‘No Means Yes’. The track is a very personal and emotionally loaded one with a story that speaks of domestic violence that the band’s previous singer Simon Monaghan witnessed when he was a child. It is a very sombre moment on the EP but an important one as the band hopes this track and the release of it as a single will get people speaking about domestic violence and raising awareness of it.

Here is what I had to say about the track in my recent review of the EP; “It’s a slower, melodic start of intricate guitar melodies and lightly hit drums that bring us into ‘Cupboards Painted Red’ and vocally it is a lot more harmonious, sung rather than shouted. This is completely different to the last track showcasing the band’s ability to create a simple, almost beautiful track that goes from subdued verses to big, epic sounding choruses full of crashing cymbals, layered vocals and shimmery sounds.”

The band have released a video [see above] which sees the band performing through reflections on shattered glass as a visual reflection of the lyrical narrative, something they worked closely with director Mat O’Brien to create. Guitarist Craig Gibson had this to say about the song; “As a band we have always wanted to write about real things that affect people… In this particular case Simon felt his experience of witnessing domestic abuse as a child was something he wanted to share, so we were happy to build the song around that theme.”

After the departure of singer Simon Monaghan, the band have found a new frontman Oliver Davies and with him they are currently working on their next single which is due to be released in early 2015. After a very successful year for the band that only formed in January having built up a big fan base, gaining playlist status at both Manchester football grounds and touring plenty, they will be ending the year with the release of this single due to be released on November 3rd.

To find out more about Puppet Rebellion visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @PuppetRebellion


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