ootd: Illinois Orange

 photo IMG_2494_zps3f4eaf0d.jpg

 photo IMG_2498_zps6c8e7094.jpg  photo IMG_2500_zps78c7d386.jpg

 photo IMG_2491_zpsba8548f8.jpg

 photo IMG_2506_zps36ef6960.jpg  photo IMG_2487_zpsf5c78f4b.jpg

 photo IMG_2480_zpseeb14f6c.jpg

 photo IMG_2501_zps79f4db7a.jpg  photo IMG_2504_zps46f0ffd8.jpg

 photo IMG_2502_zpsb92db7e1.jpg
Illinois Football Cropped T-Shirt – Urban Outfitters / Vintage Levi’s Cut Off’s / Maroon Trainers – Adidas / Maroon Hoodie – New Look / Black Tights – Primark

This may not necessarily be the most daring or stylist outfit I have ever posted but I wanted to post something that truly reflected my every day style. On days when I am not really doing much and running errands or writing blog posts then I always go for comfort over style and I think this outfit shows that notion perfectly.

The cropped shirt is a new purchase from Urban Outfitters most recent sale. They had a pile of American football and baseball shirts with different states, teams and colours but I went for this orange Illinois shirt as a) I love orange and b) I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago which is in Illinois. The shirt is cropped but because of how oversized it is you don’t really have as much skin on show as some other cropped shirts which is amazing for me as I hate getting my stomach out all for the sake of a cropped top. The oversized fit makes it perfect slouchy wear as it’s so comfy.

T-shirts obviously go with most things so being able to team them with my trusty and well worn in Levi’s cut offs, plain black tights and my latest trainer purchase in these Adidas beauties makes it a great and well loved purchase for me. The trainers were only ¬£10 from Office in the sale a few months ago and are one of my favourite footwear purchases of this year. They are men’s trainers but I prefer men’s trainers as they are slightly bigger, wider and therefore more comfortable.

A simple hoodie, like this new one I nabbed from New Look recently which is thick, warm and perfect for indoor and outdoor wear, and a simple bag or rucksack will finish this outfit off perfectly for quick trips out of the house that inevitably occur throughout any day. Like I said this may not be the most amazing outfit I will ever post on here but it is an insight into my day to day style featuring some new pieces and plenty of comfort.

What is your day-to-day, not doing very much style? Does it involve comfort over high fashion like me?


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