New In: Autumn 2014

With a new season that brings from new purchases for my wardrobe as it is out with the summer clothes and a nice little wardrobe clearout making way for clothing that will see me through not only this Autumn and Winter but hopefully years to come. I’ve gone for a lot more basics, with only a few statement pieces, to add to my wardrobe this time around as I try and build a wardrobe that is not only perfect for all seasons and forever in fashion but also encapsulates me and my style perfectly. Surprisingly it’s all coming together quite well at the moment, there are still a few pieces I am after but as usual with the quest for the perfect wardrobe it is never fully completed.

 photo IMG_2521_zps86fecab6.jpg

 photo IMG_2520_zpsbf3765d7.jpg

Mustard Knitted Jumper & Blue and White Polka Dot Shirt – H&M – £15 & £12 respectively

This mustard jumper I absolutely adore. I walked into H&M a couple of weekends ago and saw this beauty on the display table in the doorway, I love it’s oversized, slouchy nature with the gorgeous deep rich mustard colour instantly but I didn’t buy it. For the next couple of days I spent a long time regretting my decision so when I headed into town the next week I snapped up this jumper instantly and ever since I have pretty much felt like the happiest person ever. It’s amazing what a good jumper purchase can do. The shirt was an impulse buy mainly because I’m after more shirts for my wardrobe and this one fits the bill perfectly. A good cut, fits well, long sleeved and basic colour palette but made that little bit more interesting because it is polka dot and who doesn’t love polka dot.

 photo IMG_2513_zpsaaa1f11b.jpg

 photo IMG_2514_zps8b954bda.jpg

Black and White Patent Loafers – New Look – £17.99

Earlier this year, I made a list of essentials that I needed to buy for my wardrobe like a nice white shirt, proper tailored trousers that fit me perfectly and loafers and these monochrome beauties above were not only perfect but fitted the bill for me to tick an item of my list. I absolutely adore these loafers, they are quite 80’s with the monochrome colour palette and the patent effect is actually quite bearable for someone like me who is not a massive fan of patent shoes. Once again New Look has come good for my wardrobe and these shoes will clearly be favourites of mine for years to come.

 photo IMG_2515_zps9eebdec8.jpg

 photo IMG_2516_zpscab79c4c.jpg

Light Blue Pumps – Topshop – £10 in sale

Browsing Topshop’s current sale in the recently refurbished and now pretty huge store in Sheffield city centre, I came across these wonderful shoes. I love the pastel blue colour and because of that they are so different from any other shoes that I own. They were originally £28 and reduced to £15 but when I got to the till to pay they were only £10! Bargain! They are so comfortable and on first wear there was no pain complaints from me. Another great shoe addition to my wardrobe.

 photo IMG_2508_zpsf0add647.jpg

 photo IMG_2509_zps85a94bd3.jpg

 photo IMG_2510_zps487bab81.jpg

 photo IMG_2511_zps96013c48.jpg

Orange Cropped Illinois Tee and White Sheer and Lace Shirt – Urban Outfitters – £10 & £25 in sale respectively

As I mentioned earlier a lovely white shirt was one of the other things on my list of basics and essentials to buy. In Urban Outfitters I found the perfect one, I’ve been on the hunt for a white shirt that I loved for years actually and as soon as I saw this it was love so obviously I instantly took it to the till. It was £25 in the sale which is not exactly bargainous but it is so perfect and will see me through years of wear so it will be earning that £25 well I think. The lace panels are particularly what drew me to it along with the long sleeves and the fitted yet slightly oversized cut, this is just perfect! I love the cropped shirt too for a completely other reason that it is a great casual piece for my everyday wardrobe with bright colours and an American football logo, it’s something totally different from a lot of other things I own but wearable every single day.

 photo IMG_2517_zps2275d4db.jpg

DFA Hat – Official Merchandise – £10

This hat I bought at the DFA gig a couple of weeks ago and on my quest for a new and decent beanie this one was the one I went for. I love a simple black beanie and I love the idea of slogans or badges on the turn up but a lot of the slogans in particular are a little bit embarrassing and youth friendly for a 23 year old to be wearing. This is a great alternative, it has the badge I wanted but in a suits whatever age you are way that wearing a band logo will always have.

 photo IMG_2518_zpsc1859f6b.jpg

Fox Face Bag – George at Asda – £8

This bag was way to cute to leave in Asda when I spotted it the other day. The had an owl one very similar and one for owl merchandise I would have gone for that though the bag itself was a not very nice cream colour so instead I went for the fox face one because I love foxes too and the deep oxblood/maroon colour is much more suited to my wardrobe and usual colour palette. The bag is so sweet and I really could fit plenty of stuff in there for a quiet day shopping or at the cinema or for a nice quirky piece to add to a night time outfit.


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