Food Review: Afternoon Tea at Fancie

A couple of weeks ago I headed back to one of my favourite eateries in Sheffield, Fancie, for a spot of afternoon tea which was not only one of the best decisions I have ever made but a very very delicious one too!

 photo photo1_zps888279c1.jpg

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It was around 1pm when I got there in half term and surprisingly it wasn’t too busy, I hadn’t had dinner by this point so I was feeling quite peckish and with the lure of afternoon tea and not restricted to after 2pm [like in a lot of other establishments] I ordered afternoon tea. Pictured above is the full afternoon tea line up and that is for two people [don’t worry I was sharing this!] and let me tell you for your £15 you get a hell of a lot of food and you will leave absolutely stuffed!

On the menu you get unlimited tea and coffee [you can upgrade to a glass of Prosecco for an extra few pounds], a selection of four sandwiches – cheese and pickle, cucumber, ham and mustard and salmon and cream cheese, a homemade scone, some pieces of tray bake [in this case homemade brownie] and a Fancie cupcake of your flavour choice. Like I said plenty for your money and you can also amend the dishes to be gluten free or vegan as far as I’m aware, it may be best to ring and book this in advance though just in case they don’t have stocks in of gluten free bread etc.

 photo photo2_zps097cf61f.jpg

 photo photo3_zps21d0e179.jpg

Now let’s talk about the food and start at the beginning, the sandwiches. Being a vegetarian, I only sampled two of the flavours but they were both beautiful. The cucumber sandwich was a lot nicer than I expected with a refreshing taste, it was a true afternoon tea delice while cheese and pickle is one of my favourite sandwiches and this did not disappoint with the great pickle that really packed a nice punch. I was told the ham and mustard was good with a real kick from the English mustard but the salmon and cream cheese was better as it was supposedly gorgeous!

After we finished all the sandwiches, it was time to move onto the quite big scones. It was a pretty damn beautiful scone too! To me there is nothing better than a homemade scone as they always taste a hell of a lot better than packet ones and this simple fruit scone really hit the spot. The scones came with butter, jam and clotted cream to use as you preferred. I went for just jam as that is my personal preference but clotted cream was apparently a gorgeous accompaniment to the homemade scone as it was so thick and just brilliant.

 photo photo4_zps88744023.jpg

 photo photo5_zps5c5825a5.jpg

By this point I was sorting to get full of gorgeous food and copious amounts of tea but I ploughed on through two bitesize pieces of brownie which was delicious and moreish and the perfect chocolate brownie in my opinion. After that I was too full to tackle the cupcake but we took them home to eat later on. I’m glad I waited so that I could fully appreciate the cupcake in all its wonder. I opted for the cherry and almond cupcake [match made in heaven for me!] which was just stunning! Light as air sponge, gorgeous sugary butter cream, a glace cherry on top and the best bit the cherry jam with a hidden cherry in the middle. It was a wonderful cupcake and one I would have again in a heartbeat but then again all Fancie cupcakes have that effect on me as they are all just so good!

I’m so glad I finally got to try the afternoon tea at Fancie, I’ve wanted to go there for so long to have it and it was more than worth waiting for. This honestly would be the perfect birthday, mother’s day, celebration present or just a nice thing for you and a friend or relative to share and catch up over any day of the week. I know for a fact that not only will I be back to Fancie again soon but I will be back for this afternoon tea again as soon as I can.

Fancie can be found at 359-361 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PF. Fancie can also be found online by visiting their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @Fancie

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