EP Review: Hacia las Rocas Imantadas – aNNa

Hacia las Rocas Imantadas

Hacia las Rocas Imantadas is a collective of musicians from Spain who have come together to create some music that can only be described as stunning. Together the band are respected all in their own right and have plenty of awards between them and as the collective they are now on their second EP release ‘aNNa’. This may only be a 3 song long EP but it is a very good effort and well worth a listen.

It is an atmospheric opening to the EP with ‘El Norte de las Brujulas’ where all you can hear is the quiet stillness of the world before high pitched electronic synths build up giving a trippy vibe to this while guitar is strummed calmly underneath. This one takes us on some sort of journey through space while high on some form of hallucinogenic though in the greatest way possible as the mix of sci-fi sounds, 80’s synths and Tame Impala-esque psychedelic moments creates a completely out there piece of music.

‘La perdida del sentido natural del tiempo’ may be the shortest track on the EP but it still packs a punch sonically with an intense opening build up, vocals that echo around your ears and the ambient white noise of the background music which compliments those rebounding vocals very well. A simple but effective track.

The final track ‘Mala Bicha’ opens with what sounds like a plane or space craft failing and crashing while shiny synths sound are sat on top reverberating around the track. Things calm slightly when the vocals are introduced though they are muffled and coming from afar. The background notes are sparse creating a track that really relaxes you with its emphasis on the minimal without anything being in your face and commanding.

This is a great EP and though completely different to a lot of other things out there at the moment, it is that what makes it an interesting listen. Picking apart the layers of sounds shows the great musicality on offer from this collective making this one EP release this year not to be ignored.

You can check out the band’s EP ‘aNNa’ below:

aNИa EP by Hacia las Rocas Imantadas
To find out more about Hacia las Rocas Imantadas visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @RocasImantadas


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